Are ebay/amazon good platforms for new e-commerce businesses or are they already saturated?

by Tony DeMoyer 3 replies
Hi guys,

I just started dropshipping business a couple days ago : Wholesale Merchant to sort of test the waters out. I've run about $30 worth of ads and have made 3 sales in 3 days . Now obviously, I need to boost sales.

I was wondering if Ebay/Amazon were good platforms to use. The reason I am hesitant to even bother with those platforms is because there's so many duplicates of the same product on every single page and only the products sold by Amazon's best sellers seem to get any sort of traction...

Am I wrong about this? What has been your experience with Ebay/Amazon vs Your Own drop shipping store? In terms of sales, traffic, ease of marketing etc.

#ecommerce sites, wholesaling & drop shipping #business #ebay or amazon #ecommerce #good #platform #saturated
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