My ecommerce site hasn't gotten a sale yet -- Looking for a mentor

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So, I've got a (dropshipping) shopify site ( that is getting traffic via facebook ads but no sales so far. And the bounce rate is terrible, so people are not staying. I'm not sure what's wrong here, but I'm determined to turn this around.

I'm looking for a mentor on turning a profit and I'm willing to enter a revenue sharing arrangement to make it happen. I am also interested in shifting over to FBA as soon as I have the funds to hold product in Amazon's warehouses. My main focus is to double my current 9-5 income so I can leave that job and focus on growing and expanding this business.

Any help or interested mentors would be extremely appreciated!
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    My concern would be that switching to FBA is a bit premature, considering you haven't made a sale yet via dropshipping. You could end up sitting on a ton of inventory.

    Usually, when you are getting traffic but no sales (in addition to high bounce rates), it means one, two or all of three things:

    1) Your ad does not match the landing page the ad is taking them to.
    2) Your prices are too high.
    3) You are advertising to too broad a market and need to narrow your audience demographics to ones who will be more inclined to buy (and yes, I realize that means less traffic).

    We have far too many projects going on here to take you up on the mentoring offer. Good luck with that!
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      Yeah, FBA is down the road, I was just mentioning it because that's my eventual destination. Here and on facebook I'm getting a consistent message that the brand of my store is not consistent with the products I'm offering.

      My initial inspiration for the site was and had a cnbc article written about them about how they made $1m in sales in three months so I followed their outline. I even got hold of a pdf that the founder made and distributed at a meetup around my area.
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    The website could look more professional,

    And when I look at it, I get the feeling it is about sunglasses, bathing suits, etc, but you are selling flashlights, bags, etc.

    You need to be consistent in your branding or people will lose trust in you...What is your store about?
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    I'd like to see the Facebook ads now I've seen the site.
    How much time per day can you afford for this business while working your 9 to 5?
    What's the target income and what's your mark up on the products you sell?
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      I was following under the discipline of 'General store w/ Niche marketing' as opposed to niche store.

      I work from 2:30pm to 11, so I usually work on my site about 4 or five hours before work and work my weekend days on it too.

      My target income is to replace my current job income preferably at least 3 fold before I leave my job. So about $6k profit a month. From there, I should have plenty of funds to expand after that.
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        Thanks for your answers. Do you have an agency developing the site for you or doing the FB ads or is it all down to you?
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          Doing it all homebrew
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    As Dave mentions above it might not be time yet to consider FBA, I am a big believer in FBA but it does require some money to obtain the inventory and should determine it will sell on Amazon. I make use to camelcamelcamel to check the sales record of specific items.
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    You're not going to get sales just by putting things from the most popular niches on your store

    Niche down. I see camping, fashion, fidget spinners, lamps, phone cases, hammocks...

    I see what you're trying to do but you need to focus on one niche/audience and the items that they love. It's better to target a smaller audience for less traffic but more sales, then getting lots of traffic and no sales.

    Good luck
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    Agree: The website could look more professional, I even get webpae time out when visit your store.
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    Hi execpriv,

    I have ran an advertising agency for 15 years and I can share a bit of advice that you may find useful.

    Be Specific

    A niche is not specific enough for your advertising, you need to get down to a micro-niche or even better a very specific model and color.

    Look at Amazon for example. Sure they are a general store now, but they didn't start out that way. Amazon started as a bookseller, it took years and years of marketing before they ever expanded in to multiple lines of products and even more years be fore the became a general website.

    Also, note how Amazon advertises not just a specific product they market a specific product in a specific color choice as a separate product. They know, like most professional advertising agencies know, that you have to get real specific it you want your marketing to be effective. The general store idea is never going to work unless you are prepared to put millions in advertising and can wait years to turn a profit,.

    By getting very specific, and focusing on a micro niche, you can offer several products to your audience and a high percentage of them may actually be interested in them because they are all closely related options. For example, pink phone accessories, If something is interested in a pink phone case, they may also be interested in a pink strap for their pink phone case. Or several different styles of pink phone cases. But highly unlikely to be interested in campaign gear, even if it is pink campaign gear, it is just too far from the original intent of the person that clicks your ad to really pay off for advertising.

    And that is just one of many extremely important concepts you need to learn to be able to successfully compete in a micro-niche, targeting an entire niche requires a superior marketing strategy, and targeting a whole business category requires massive resources. A general store concept, that's less likely to pay off than winning the next power ball lottery. Even if you already have that kind of dough to invest.

    Be smart .. get specific, and improve your odds of success by a huge factor.


    Don Burk
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