Do you really need an email under your domain or Gmail/outlook email can suffice

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Do you really need an email under your domain like "" or Gmail can suffice like ""
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    A name under your domain has a higher trust factor. If you already own the domain, why not set up an email there? You can always use your gmail to check and send mail from your domain so you're not checking your emails everywhere.
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    Hahaha, this is a great question with many answers. For most newbies, the #1 issue is trust/credibility factor. But for the veterans, the #1 issue is deliverability.

    Your gmail account can probably get into more inboxes than your own domain email on shared hosting. Gmail probably beats even MailChimp and other email marketing services for deliverability.

    If your business could benefit from looking like a one-man show, gmail can actually win. In all other cases, use your own domain name....BUT sent through a quality email provider with PROVEN deliverability rates. Do ask around for those in the know. And when possible...use a transactional email service.
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      yes one thing I was worrying too...when I did a test send an email under my own domain..

      the test email had the subject "Hi, how are you"
      and body of "How's it going" no signature, no links

      the test email was sent to the spam
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        yeaup! hahaha...that's how it usually goes. imagine if you sent to a couple thousand and 10 of them decided they didn't want you anymore and marked you as spam.
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    You must get a custom email for this purpose and choose the address which describes your business.for further reading, visit this source
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    If you want to appear professional and trustworthy, just pay the $5/month or whatever it is to get a domain email.

    I build and maintain websites for small businesses. Check out

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  • Here are the reasons why you should have an email with your company name on:

    Proficient Impression

    Your domain name is your online image. Many individuals will search for your site when they get an email from you. When your site shows up, it authenticates you and your items or services. Having your own particular domain name for email sets up and strengthens your online identity. It sets up reliability and legitimacy by indicating you invest into your business and make you look comparable to huge expert associations and less untrustworthy.


    Right impression is crucial when it comes to business. You require an email address that is both one of a kind and significant. Utilizing your own domain name makes it simple for others to email you and recall your site.

    Try not to Look Like a Spammer

    Authentication is essential as a result of the number of spam each of us receives from many free email service providers. Clients may not recognize you if you're using email address from email service providers and may think that you are a spammer.

    Futureproof and Portable

    When you have your own particular domain email, you have an email address that is convenient. This means you can switch email providers without losing your present address decide to change ISP or if your free email provider loses its edge. You won't need to convey email and expect that everybody you informed will take notice and update your contact data.

    No More Ads

    The best thing to do to get rid of advertising in your email is to use your domain email outside of the free email provider. Indeed, even the best free email supplier has advertisements to encourage you to advertise. If you prefer not to peruse advertisements alongside your emails, you should quit utilizing these free email services and utilize email hosting.
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    YES! You immediately look like small time guy that is hard to trust. Emails typically come free with hosting or virtually free.
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