Do I need initial investment money to purchase products with Shopify dropshipping?

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I have over 500 dollars in investment money and I plan to use majority of those for facebook advertising. I am planning on using oberlo or shopified app for shopify to make choosing products easy but I've run into a problem.

I realized in order to start, I might need a considerable amount of money to purchase the initial products because it takes times before I can use customers money or so I think. I remember reading a post about a dropshipper who never had to do this though.

Does anyone have any experience in this matter?

Also, does anyone offer dropshipping coaching services at warrior?
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    Deft Exchange is an online wholesale drop shipping supplier providing you with top quality Diamond, Gold and silver jewelry. We have set up a guide for you at our online web page ( so it makes it easier for you to start your online store.
    As a full member, you can purchase our products even for personal use at 60% of retail price.
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    Shouldn't need much startup to do this. Shopify payment transfer to your account within a couple days so you will only be fronting money for those couple days. What will come back to bite you is charge backs and refunds if your supplier is too slow, stuff gets lost in the mail or hung up at customs. A lot of people seem to be having success with this though. Just make sure your markups are high enough to cover unforeseen issues and still make a profit.
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    Great question!

    You need little, to no money, to begin dropshipping. You don't need any money for the dropshipping side. For example, this company MOY Fashion HQ - Dropship Program has a dropship program, unlike any other dropship program you've ever seen. They actually allow you to brand your apparel, and dropship it to your customers. Simply amazing.
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