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Hi friends

Am not able to get the leads for ecommerce website from adwords, where as my CTR is above 2 and my targeted keywords are relevant to our product.

What do I need to do?
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    Do Facebook Ads
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    I'm not sure what that even means "cannot get leads from adwords". The clicks are "leads". What you mean, I think, is that you are not generating sales from the clicks.

    There are very few eCommerce niches that seem to be doing well with traditional AdWords text ads these days. It seems like the only product niches doing OK with text ads are ones catering to very old people and/or inexperienced computer users. Google Shopping is a far better advertising platform for eCommerce and, if you have the right type of product, Facebook ads.
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      I get no luck in Facebook ads, what makes you say that Google Adwords is for only a few eComm niches, I would like to know as I'll try using Google Adwords for a change
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    what is the niche you are working in? do you have a facebook page? I find I get more buyers from my facebook pages a few weeks/months later some buyers don't like buying from unknown sellers.

    1. build facebook page

    2. drive real traffic to that facebook page

    3. run a special offer once you reach lets say 500 real users

    sounds easy but takes a fair bit of work... of course you can buy facebook traffic or try other methods to get facebook users to your page (network with others in your niche)

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    Are you doing Adwords by yourself? If yes, then you should consider hiring Digital marketing agency as they have good knowledge and expertise to generate qualified leads. Apart from Adwords you can also consider selling your products on other marketplacecs and for that I would suggest multichannel software like "SelluSeller". It allows you to sell products across multiple famous marketplaces which will generate more business for you in other way.
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    Hi Nagender,

    Same here ! I am selling men's hair products online and tried google adwords keywords, but the avg search volumn is super low , so i tried display ads and target by interest and topics. It works, although its sometimes not stable, but i think its my fault of not selecting the main useful website to target.
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      yeah i would suggest to try facebook ads, my main traffic and sales are from facebook
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  • see the keywords volume & add negetive keywords or make more relevency your ads.
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