OpenCart, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop or Woocommerce- Which is best for ecommerce solutions

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All platforms are good for e commerce theming services which contain various services. But Which is best for platforms for e-commerce design?
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    I'd stick to a hosted cart so that you are not forever chasing your tail with security/plugin updates and PCI compliance. We like Shopify, 3DCart and BigCommerce, in that order.
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    I know this is a bit late, but according to my previous experience prestashop tends to be the best and most efficient as per my previous experience with it.

    What is more important is what exactly you are looking for. like what do you expect from your store functions, if you could list that down it would be easier to determine what is best for you.

    as for what i said, i found it useful because its light & Easy to design & manage. also it has all the features yet you need to dig deep to find the best modules or plugins to actually tailor your workflow, other than that all default are usable and nice.

    I hope this helps!
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    What do you mean by design precisely? To what extent do you want to customize?
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      Like i wanted for example to add a new code on my slider that enables my customer to add any external link from amazon for example and it would pull add data and take them to another page to submit order using this data ( product link, color, size, price & Weight) i was able to do so and every time a customer submits a link from amazon it automatically fill a product on my catalog and places an order..
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    None of the systems/platforms will let you sit and count money... All of them require additional work, it depends only on proficiency of platform how much you need to add on top of it to deliver the best value to your customers. You can startup with some entry level solutions but sooner or later you will need professional tools for your operations. Platform sourcing strategy should be focus on long term operation security- all modules, features has to work, no inter issues, no excuses... Multichannel, WMS, shipment integrations, modern frontons, effective marketing tools, SEO passive algorithms, RMA all of this are must have from day one. With limited budget SaaS is the only one logic choice as it limits investment risk too.
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    I have been using Opencart for 8 years now. I love it. You would need a few addiitonal mods but in general it is an awesome platform.
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    I prefer wordpress
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      Originally Posted by GosuCommerce View Post

      I prefer wordpress
      Would you like to explain to the OP why you think Wordpress is better?

      FYI - Your avatar looks like the drupal logo
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    I would prefer you try yokart it is also a a Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Solution.
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