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by cy61
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Hello ! I am trying to grow my online business of men's grooming products and I'm struggling with using email automation on mailchimp.


1. Some said that email automation is annoying (the one that reminds you what is added to cart), but I saw that another famous online shopping site like zalora and ASOS is doing it. What do you think?

2. I would like to get some reviews from our customers and think this could make the brand more human. But we are worrying about bad reviews and therefore I am thinking to do a review email which I know Mailchimp has this function and for me, after I buy a Linjer watch, I actually do reply to the review email. What do you think of this as well?

3. I observe that other men's grooming brands like Baxter of California when they have a promotion, they normally will send at least two emails to remind (one at the beginning and one when its close to the due date) - is that good?

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