Long-term vs Short-term For Ecommerce Sales Amazon Seller Fulfilled vs Own Website?

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I have just opened my seller fulfilled store on Amazon meaning i ship the products myself to the customer. Now i have made a couple sales in the two months i have been on there. But it's very very slow and from the customer view my status remains "Just Launched" with this in mind there is very little i can do in the way of convincing any customer to purchase. I have been thinking of Sponsored Ads as a means to drive traffic but if my store says "Just Launched" i really do not see the benefit of this in the short term. So now i am rethinking my strategy it may probably be at least 12 -18 mths before i acquire some type of daily traffic i have ZERO feedback. So basically i am wasting a lot of time waiting for the Amazon store to convert plus i am paying $39.99 per mth because i plan on having close to 600 items listed and need the bulk loading feature. Once i upload my 600 items i plan on downgrading to cut cost and spend on developing my website hopefully by that time (12mths) would have passed and my Amazon store should have the traffic on a decent basis. Can anyone advise on how long it would be before an Amazon seller fulfilled store take to receive consistent sales??

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