Is it normal that my sales dropped drastically during the last two months

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Hey, my sales dropped drastically the last two months, tried everything and still sales are really bad, is it normal? Can we expect a turnaround? By the way I sell organically
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    Dont wait for anything, try different ways how to sell, if it still does not work, sell something different.
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      i tried, i work on 5 different niches and they are all F'd up
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    Hi MehdiAmerniss,

    Google Analytics is your friend.

    If you haven't already done so, implement marketing analytics so that you can clearly see exactly what is going on. You can link Google Webmasters Search Console to Google Analytics and see exact what changes and gain insight into why it has changed.

    Additionally you can setup Google Optimize to A/B split test your landing pages.

    If you are smart you should consider tagging your website with remarketing tags for some of the most popular digital advertising platforms. Once you have built a remarketing audience you can continue to market to your hard won organic audience, why waste that opportunity?


    Don Burk
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    Make sure you are using the correct analytics techniques to monitor your traffic. Have your ranks perhaps dropped? Is your product seasonal? Is your market experiencing a downturn in customer disposable income? There are many factors to look at. Personally I would take a look at my ranks first, then as mentioned above, dig deep into your Google stats to see what is going on.
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    Honestly, this depends on the market you are selling to and what you are selling. In the U.S., most sites experience a drop in visitors and sales in July and August. They are heavy family vacation months as well as months where people spend a great more of their free time outdoors - not cooped up in their house with a computer.

    Because vacations are expensive, family budgets also take a pretty big hit in July and August, so there is not as much discretionary income left in people's budgets. Often, we have seen conversion rates drop in the late summer. Some people want to buy but are "window shopping", waiting until they have money again to buy things.

    Of course, you could also have lost search engine ranking, so knowing if your rankings have gone up, down or stayed the same for your major keywords is always the first thing to check.

    When your website has been up for several years, you'll be able to look at the monthly traffic and sales data for the same month, year over year. Then, you'll truly know if it is normal for there to be a drop in traffic, sales and conversions for any given month and will be able to prepare yourself for the inevitable ups and downs of eCommerce sales that many product niches experience.
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    O don't think it's normal. What about any promotions?
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    As Dave said, it depends of the kind of products you are selling. If you selling something that is based on a certain trend, a certain season etc, then it might be normal.

    Also, do you use Facebook ads? Look at the Frequency in the Facebook reporting, if the frequency is too high, it means the people in your market saw your ads too many times and probably this offer is saturated.

    Overall it is not normal at all, your sales should always be increasing (overall for your store, not for each products).
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