Stock software SaaS product, looking to expand into e-commerce, need your help

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I've decided to quick post here, looking for any useful tips.

We have a brand new SaaS stock inventory product I'd like to pick your mind about - .

However my question is not about the product as of today, but about the future: Our idea of an e-commerce plugin.

We currently have a native plugin that is directly connected with the platform (no integrations needed). We believe there might be value in something like this so considering getting it to commercial stage as a quick, ready-to deploy e-commerce solution.

Basically you can use your existing site/blog as it is, simply drop a few lines of code and voila`, you have a shop. The best part of it is that you have it already fully integrated with the stock program and therefore you can already manage your biggest part of your business in one place. You can also pick any web solution, including our own hosted simple CMS. The plugin is not yet live, it has to be upgraded to get commercial status. However we are wondering if the investment is worth it, hence this question.

Currently, stock inventory products are separated from e-commerce platforms.
Most solution stitch components together. We plan to do the opposite, to offer an all-in-one native product, quick to deploy.

It will not be as complex as other top products, just everyday listings with photos and purchase; but it will be fast an easy for someone just looking to simplify launching an e-comm site and managing stock as well. Also with editable listing templates etc. We will also have product matrix, our stock solution is complex and will go upwards into more sophisticated warehouse & stock management.

Side note we currently have a strong free plan that comes in the mix, our product is freemium. Pricing for the e-commerce plugin will have to be decided.

So what do you think? Does our e-commerce idea seem viable?

Any advice will be appreciated!
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