Drop shipping suppliers of glitter bomb tubes?

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Hello, I am fascinated by the success of the glitterbomb sites that send spring loaded tubes of glitter to people. I want to start a similar online shop that uses drop shipping to fulfill the orders. All of the glitterbomb sites I have come across appear to use the same spring loaded tube which makes me think it comes from a third party supplier. Does anyone know of any suppliers that supply these spring loaded tubes and will fill them with glitter or other pranks ( gummy dicks, fake poop, etc.?)

Also, there are some sites that send either a bag of gummy dicks or a chocolate dick to people with a note that says "Eat a Dick". Does anyone know of any drop ship suppliers that would provide this?

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    Hi Timothy,
    I know that drop shipping is very popular today but I recommend you to think twice before you start doing it.

    Here is why.

    With drop shipping you can never scale your business, can't create a brand out of it.

    And the biggest thing.

    Stripe, which is the primary payment processor that people are using to collect the payments, has announced that they are not allowing drop shippers to be able to process payments through Stripe. Companies like PayPal and Square are likely to follow this model.

    People who are doing drop shipping risk having their payment processing account suspended. That means they won't have a business anymore.
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    What rude products - I don't think I'd like the customers who buy stuff like this.

    I think it would be much better to locate a wholesaler and buy stock to mark up and resell.

    The current 'buzzword' is "dropshipping" - but not always the best answer.

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