Is eBay dropshipping too saturated?

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We're loving this question on our forum site today, and hopefully we can get some more comments coming.

I've given my thoughts on this discussion, and feel that rather than asking if dropshipping is too saturated on eBay, the question that should be asked is, whether or not the product's being sold are too saturated. Which I believe is the first part of research anyone should be doing when thinking of dropshipping alone.

What are your thoughts on this? Has anyone had experience, good or bad, dropshipping on eBay, and what advice can you give to the member asking the question.

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    No, it isn't but when entry barrier is too, expect tou tough competition. Buying products from Amazon and selling them on eBay can work very well.
    Avoid International shipping, always focus on the customer and use a service to automate time consuming tasks.
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    It will never be saturated, but the level of competition is very hard.

    I use Aliexpress as the dropshipper where I can find us suppliers also.

    Then I use Craigslist to send traffic/potential buyers to my shop.

    Sometimes it can even be done without website.

    So CL is easier I would say if you sell very cool in demand products.
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    ebay isnt saturated
    I am still selling around 100k a month
    and i have been doing it for 5 years
    btu 5 years ago I was doing that with 360 listings are so
    now I have almost 800 listings
    but its about sleling what sells
    and spending time battling off the competiiton
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