What is the best way to drive traffic to your e-commerce business?

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SEO, SMM, Mail Marketing etc... ?
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    Find people that have expressed a desire to purchase a particular product, then off that product to them in a convenient and safe interface. The platform doesn't matter so much - they all can work and they all can flop. The key is to match potential buyers with the product they are seeking.


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    This question reminds me of one which makes rounds in martial arts circles: Which martial art is best?

    The answer often given by the wise is: There is no best martial art, rather it is a question of who is the best martial artist!

    I would say the same logic applies here.

    PPC, SEM, Social Media Marketing...
    Even SEO....
    Offline marketing techniques...

    The time tested and proven techniques and methods work - but you may achieve more with PPC than you do with SEO, to begin with.

    If you are a keen writer then Guest Posting and all modern forms of article marketing could be your calling. If you already have a list of customers of some sort, perhaps from a previous project or venture then e-mail marketing is a viable option.

    The key is advertising in its numerous diverse forms. You need to get your site in front of the eyes of potential customers - there are tonnes of ways of doing this; some free, some expensive, some affordable - what are you prepared to invest?

    As a simple start why not focus on two or three of the following options:

    1) SEO - do this ANYWAY and try not to over-complicate anything. Simply do some research about "key word research" and "long tail keywords". Use Google Webmaster Tools (and other free tools available) to conduct your research and implement your keywords through your pages.

    If you are using Wordpress there are a bunch of free plug in's available that make all the SEO stuff easy. Just get yourself read-up and informed and apply and act on that knowledge until you produce SEO'd content like second nature.
    (Cost: FREE)

    2) SMM - Social Media Marketing
    And I don't simply mean Facebook.

    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Reddit.

    I could talk for days about advanced marketing techniques on social media platforms but we don't have the time.

    Sign up for their services and jump straight in, getting involved is key to success in Social Media Marketing.

    Reading through Facebook's own official documentation will teach you everything you need to know about using Facebook (seriously, go direct to the source, you always get a better deal!). Otherwise just apply the same high standards of etiquette you would to any other form of networking and you'll be fine!

    3) PPC - Pay per Click Advertising.
    There is a cost - but there often is with things of value and quality. Businesses need advertising and PPC is an affordable and effective solution to that problem.

    Research, study and practice the Art of writing effective Text Copy for a small text ad and get hands on: start a campaign with one of the reputable providers and start getting some results!

    Learn as you go, track and split test as you go - most people can pick up the basics quickly and it shouldn't take you too long before you start realizing what ads are effective and which ones need tweaking.

    IMHO everything you need to know can be found in Facebooks and Googles own official documentation and guides and a wealth of extra information and know-how is shared right here on the Warrior Forum!

    Use the search feature to find what you're looking for and my advice is to test everything for yourself: this way you gain valuable "true knowledge" from the first-hand experience.

    Best wishes to your success warrior!
    Ghost Shinobi
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    Look for sites where your potential customers hang out online and see if you can buy an ad.

    Let's say you are selling replacement brake parts for cars. Find a site with tutorials on changing brake pads.

    People will search for tutorials to determine if they have the tools and skill to change their brake pads, then they will shop for parts. If your ad is beside the tutorial, you have a good chance of getting a click.

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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      Look for sites where your potential customers hang out online and see if you can buy an ad.

      GReat post, we have single handedly added thousands to our bottom line in profits doing this, esepcially on blogs and or forum in our niches, that have lots of traffic.

      Usually you can work out a deal with the webmaster or owner too, if you go big. But you might want to start small, get something converting and then keep going from there.
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    You can try FB ads or Google Adword. I think that is the best. You easily can target your audience, choose the right keyword and don't forget take some time to learn how to use it so you will not waste your money for nothing.
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    For e-commerce business, SMM is the best way to get leads, traffic and conversion in short span of time. However, you need to analyze your services, customer's needs and target market before you plan your strategy.

    Email marketing works only if you offer some advantages to your customers - discounts, sales, coupons etc.

    SEO works slowly for e-commerce business, not immediately as its an ongoing process.

    Hope, that helps.

    Good luck.

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    I agree that smm is one method. All the others will either take a long time to produce results or really don't help unless you already have traffic (and good targeted traffic). I would try running coupon codes and deals and posting them to as many coupon and deal websites (forums, blogs, etc.) that you can! Getting your store in front of potential shoppers is key to start generating some revenue that you can then in turn put back into other forms of advertising!

    Thank You,
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    I've done pretty well with Bing PPC traffic. I also get a lot of traffic from my email lists, which I send an email every day, five days a week. I've never had huge success using Facebook or YouTube to get more traffic.
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    The best way to drive targeted converting is to use PPC campaigns.
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    Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing, Twitter ads for instant visitors to the website. If you have patience then SEO is best
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    To drive traffic and sale to your e-commerce business you should use following strategies.
    1. Regular posting on Social media (at-least 3 post a day )
    2. Use Tools and add to promote your product
    3. Do SEO for your Website.
    4. Leverage Email Marketing
    5. Create a PPC campaign for your products.
    6. Increase Your E commerce Traffic & Sales With Competitions & Giveaways
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    Social media marketing is best way to getting more customers and traffic for e-commerce business.
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    YouTube it is good so.
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    It depends of what you are selling actually.

    I'm using Facebook.
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    The main traffic generates in an eCommerce site from mainly social media and organic traffic. Social media plays a vital role for eCommerce. For every product page you need to do proper on-page optimization as per Google guidelines. You can read this too : Advanced eCommerce SEO Checklist. Hope it helps
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    Originally Posted by Gangsterpart View Post

    SEO, SMM, Mail Marketing etc... ?
    All of that in complex
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    For e-commerce business. you will try SMM and SMM paid to add camping basically Twitter and Instagram Add marketing
    best wishes
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    I can't believe how many answers there are here and nobody has any clue what you are selling. MValmont is the only one who nailed the proper answer - "it depends on what you are selling".

    Not a single method anyone has described, above, is the way to go with every single website. What works for one will be a complete waste of time or make another site bankrupt.

    Let us know what you are selling, and maybe (don't count on it) you'll get some better answers that apply to your particular product niche.
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