Find a successful niche based off of search volume?

by afw86
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Hey there, I've found a great niche doing some research. Using google keyword planner the keywords for the niche I would target have a search volume from 300-3200 a month. This considered something to chase after?

Thanks for all your advice. Slowly learning.
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    You can use Google Keyword Planner or similar free & paid services to search for high volume targeted keywords.
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      I've been using keyword planner. But I thought you wanted something less broad to target rather than a niche everyone is chasing after. No?
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        Yes, you're correct. Well there is too many online articles advice you instead of searching for the best niche to just sell what you love and have experience using it to be able to help people who buy this products. Get me?
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    That's a pretty large range. If the total amount of people searching for something (we are talking all keyword phrases combined) is only 320, that's not very many. It is only ten people per day. If it is 3,200, that's certainly something to consider (about 100 people per day).

    The other thing you need to factor in is the location of those searchers. If you did not change the filter parameters in Keyword Planner from the default, those are worldwide search numbers. Are you really going to sell to the whole world? You need to decide if you are willing to deal with the fraud that is rampant in some areas of the world or whether you want to narrow that search criteria down to the areas of the world that you actually feel comfortable selling to.
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