Do you really need to try 40 products per month?

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I hear some people advising test test test products. How true is this? Someone every goes to say test 30 to 40 products a month.

Assuming I go $15 to $20 of FB ads per product, that's $600 to $800 per month of cost

Don't get me wrong I've actually worked on my website for a few months testing learning etc etc designing. I've actually tested plenty of products already too. I just wanna say that big chunk of my capital went down the hole testing products (I need to replenish my capital btw if I wanna continue).

Does this test test test products thing actually work? Is there a better way to find winning products?
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    Knowing to do market research would be a good start,

    But you will definitely need to test a bunch of products before you find a winner. 40 is a lot though, I need to test way less than that to find a winner.
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    Having a great product on your store really solves the problem. Just adding more and more product won't help you much. I think you should do a market research about your niche and add some popular products to your store. Learn to use analytics which will help you in recognizing users behavior on your website, then you will have a clear idea which of your product is getting more attention from your users.
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