New to Aliexpress Dropshipping [How to hide the price?]

by Eashan
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After watching many tutorials and videos, I finally decided to go ahead with Aliexpress dropshipping.

As I test ordered my product, I found out that the supplier had mentioned the original value of the product on the box (which is required for international shipments? Is it?).

He didn't attach any other marketing materials, but this ruins all the effort I had put in setting up the shop.

How do you guys go around this?

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    As far as I know, its' quite simple. In the note, just mention 'It's a gift, please don't mention the price.'

    That's it. It worked for me. However, it is still better to test the first product to ensure the seller is following your instructions.
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    What Kate mentioned is what we do. Sometimes, though, that is missed or ignored by the Chinese company.

    Worst case scenario is if they ask about it, you tell customers that you put a fictitious low dollar amount on packages so that they pass through customs more quickly and so there are not exorbitant import duties owed by them (the end customer is always responsible for paying those tariffs).

    True or not, it's an answer 99% of customers will buy.
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