White Labeling vs Niche Store?

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So, right now, I'm stuck between what I would consider being, two maybe three, different business models of eCommerce. 1) Creating a niche store, with many products, but none of which are marketed to be that store's/brand's OWN products. Though there may be 1 or 2 products which are the money makers, the store doesn't EXPLICITLY revolve around that product. In other words, in the eyes of the consumer, it's just one of many products offered for sale. There's NO branding of a product, just branding of the store itself. I feel this is the business model of most eCom stores. An example would be iheartdogs.com Then there's 2) Finding a golden product on Ali, but rather than just throwing it in a niche store, you private brand / white label it to create the notion that you are not a store, rather a BRAND that has created, or is THE place to get that specific product. To better understand what I'm referring to, think Kickstarter items. Those companies aren't stores, they're brands who made a product.An actual example of an eCom store I'm referring to is popsockets.com. Another example: yomeeyogurt.com For both of these, the entire website revolves around these particular products, to the point where the product is the name of the store.

So let's say I think and have proven I have a golden product that I'd like to go big with. Let's say that it's a unique, game-changing, kickstarter-esque product currently selling on Amazon however, it hasn't gone nearly as viral as I plan to take it. And lastly, let's say I ultimately plan to buy this product in bulk and ship from a domestic warehouse. which route do I go with? Do I go with 1) and create a store in the niche that product falls in, add many in-niche products on top of my golden one, and brand the store as a whole rather than my product itself? Do I go with 2) And completely brand around that specific product?

What are the pros & cons of each route? And again, which route would you go with? Thanks!
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    You aren't going to get full personal coaching in a forum thread.

    The block of text is intimidating and the 'options' and examples you use tell me you need to do more research and learning before you jump in the deep water.

    You are over-analyzing everything and confusing yourself in the process. If you need to make pro/con lists to decide WHICH way to go - do that. Narrow it down. You've mentioned 4-5 other sites - but I'm not convinced you have enough information to analyze what other sites are doing.

    Simplify - eliminate some of your options. You have to make decisions and until you narrow down your options/questions, really hard for anyone to advise you.
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    I'm not sure if there is such a thing as "a unique, game-changing, kickstarter-esque product currently selling on Amazon". If it is already selling on Amazon, it may not be a household name that has a lot of buzz yet, but it is no longer "unique".

    That said, if there is not much buzz but you know it will be hot, sure, go ahead and white label. Do some serious marketing so that when people think of that product, they think of your brand.

    That done, #2 is your only option (although you could also set up a second more generic website after your brand one is built that happens to sell your brand along with others, obviously pumping your brand as the better of all brands represented).
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