Problems with business when becomes bigger

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Problems with business when becomes bigger
Hi, everyone. I've joined our forum in about 1 or 2 months. Last year I've come up with an idea about doing plant business which I only sell small plant for house decorating purpose
The business is quite good at the beginning, from a small store, after 6 months I could rent a bigger store in the urban zone.
But when it comes to being bigger, everything seems to be more complicated. At this time I got 2 physical stores and I've just opened a new online store, which is created by Magento platform.
The problem comes when the warehouse is nearly out of stock (usually on the weekend). Physical stores would sell until the warehouse is empty but the online store is still continuing receiving order. Because physical and online store both share the same warehouse. So online customer usually complain about having to wait too long until stock is refilled.
I find some solutions to solve my problems but because my business is not big enough so some (e.g: SAP) are quite expensive.
Should I hire another person just to manage the inventory quantity of goods?
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    There are a number of solutions out there for cross-platform inventory management. Some specifically state they are made for Magento and others do not (just because Magento isn't listed doesn't mean it doesn't work with Magento). I'd check out this article -
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    After 2 weeks researching on the internet and consulting from your suggestions. I came up with 2 possible options which are: Xero and Magestore. Xero is quite professional, and have a good reputation, but they end up didn't satisfy me. And Magestore seems better with my business. Then I chose MageStore from this website:
    The reason I chose magestore compared to xero because the implementation is better and their product is integrated with QuickBooks. Last year I bought 3 extensions from them so I can find their support team is very effective. So I bought a medium package from their website (they call it omnichannel solution, not ERP system). So far, their solution runs smoothly and I haven't encountered any bug in my system. Their website is very professional and they offer free demo, effective support
    Has anyone had any comment about their solution? Because they offer me 365-day refund. If has any negative review, I will think again
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    You can easily get Inventory management for your online for that you must create software from company as per your requirement and budget
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    I think that you have a great problem. You have a growing business that probably needs more physical resource as well as some stock control software. I think that you should step back and look at how you would manage further increases in orders rather than just the current challenge.
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    I can understand your problem. I suggested that you should hire another man to help you.
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    I have always dealt with issues like this by simply storing more stock.
    A physical problem is solved with a physical solution.
    If you are out of storage room, you should think about ways to make the store room more efficient, once you max out efficiency you will need to get more storage space.
    If you lay out your storage in a methodical way, you should be able to see what you need more stock on with a glance.
    Are you able to get more incoming shipments in a week?
    The best way of course would be to use barcodes and an inventory counter, but if your not holding the correct amount of stock on a popular product, then that is not your problem, the problem is you need to hold more stock.

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    I suggest that the online store would have an indicator or limit that tells potential buyers online when the warehouse is out of stock.
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