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Please, I want to start working on Shopify and I only want to know if both software: Ali Inspector and intelligynce are still working fine. I will be very grateful to receive your replies. Thank you very much
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    I recently purchased it for approx £155 and I am not impressed. Intellygynce gives useless data, e.g. the so called best selling items on other Shopify stores are just reading what the store claims are best sellers. I've tested this with people I know who have stores, one who has sold nothing and yet he has "best sellers". The product search function brings up things that can be easily found manually on the Aliexpress site. Now Ali Inspector is at least moderately useful but I could do without it. It does at least bring up honest results, and products that have sold well. The search filters work quite well and save time. The keywords tool is not bad and may prove its worth later. However I plan on getting a refund soon, and investing my money elsewhere.
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      Thank you very much for your answer . Can you advise me about other spy tools?
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        Not too sure about spy tools for Shopify or online stores. There are some for Ebay like Terapeak and DSgenie which give good results. Earlier this year Terapeak had one of its killer features removed, the one where you could spy on your rival sellers to find their best selling products and what they sold for etc. It's still a great product though.
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          Thank you very much for your answers. Just a little help if you do not mind. I want to start shopify and I am lost in choosing the niche. Can you help me find a niche please? I will be very grateful
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  • I suggest you to dont buy both softwares bcoz both will show some pretty basic info's like trending products, profits etc
    you should invest that money in your ads to get the best results.
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    Hey guys I know this post is old but I saw it so I figured I would reply in case anyone else happens to see it.

    I'm Bobby Walker. I've been marketing since 2006.I was fortunate enough to be a Clickbank top 100 vendor in 2009 and 2010 and have been a part of some truly great products and services.

    Currently I'm one of the co-founders of Intelligynce.

    We work very hard to make Intelligynce and Ali Inspector great tools for everyone to use. We realize it's impossible to make everyone happy but we try our best.

    1. We have one of the top 5 largest databases for eCom stores and products which keep growing each day. Currently over 560,000 stores and 2,600,000 products

    2. We have added a lot of new functionality to the platform. You can go to the main website and scroll down to the bottom to see what we have added. Everything is not listed but a lot of the new functionality is there.

    3. Ali Inspector 2 is coming out in January 2018 and will still be part of the Intelligynce package. When you see what we have added you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    4. We have the best customer service of any of our competitors. I personally answer all of the help desk tickets myself and my response time is almost always within 1 hour. I am also available on skype to answer questions about our service.

    5. Currently we have around 7000 happy customers who have given feedback about our platform and we have listened to them. Implementing the functionality they need and want. We are very active with our business.

    6. Our pricing is among the best in the industry for the features you get with the platform and we will continue to be competitive by adding more features and keeping the price affordable for everyone.

    There's a lot more I could write but I just wanted to touch on the points which I felt were the most important. I won't lie...hearing someone say our data is "useless" definitely hurts to hear. Especially when you work as hard as we do on our service.

    I'm sure you know what I mean. I think everyone has had something they've put their heart and soul into and then been heavily criticised for it. It's never a good feeling and you always like to think that words don't affect you when it fact they do.

    However I see this as a positive because it just makes us work that much harder to make sure the platform is the best it can be. It's very hard to get 100% accurate data when you have to use 3rd party sources but we work every day to make it awesome.

    If you ever have any questions about our plaform feel free to send me an email. I will answer it promptly. (team at intelligynce dot support)

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