Brand new to ecommerce, can you give feedback on my new Shopify store?

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I'm a brand new member on these forums and brand new to eCommerce. I'd love to be able to make some real money online, ideally enough for a sustainable income so I don't have to work a "real" job.

I've done a lot of reading on the subject, attended a few webinars and I think I understand the steps I need to take theoretically.

Most recently I've been reading stuff by Fred Lam, in particular his free Ebook "Starting from Zero".

His model is basically build a Shopify store, import products from Aliexpress (and others), advertise on Facebook and social media, then make lots of money. He's got more tips and tricks and advanced methods to scale up your business, but that's the gist of it.

So I went ahead and followed all his steps and built a store using Shopify, purchased a domain and imported some products.

The problem is, I'm worried I might have chosen the wrong niche. I really wanted to get some feedback from people who have some experience in this area.

Basically my niche is basketball and products related to basketball. I was going to broaden it a little to include some more general exercise and fitness-related products.

You can see the sorts of products I've already listed there. The site is certainly not done, but it's a good template I think.

The trouble is I'm having doubts about whether products like this will sell advertising through social media. All the products I listed are imported through Aliexpress.

I'm also using a Shopify plugin called "Importify", which automates the process of importing products from Aliexpress and other dropshippers. They even provide automatic fulfillment of orders with their premium monthly membership (which I bought).

I don't know whether I'm off to a good start or not. Maybe my niche is good, but I should focus more on certain kinds of products over other?

How many products do you think I should have on my store before I start advertising?

I'm also thinking I shouldn't sell shoes at all, at least not through Aliexpress. When it comes to athletic shoes, doesn't everyone want Nike or some name brand rather than a cheap Chinese-made clone?

Any feedback you could provide would really be appreciated.
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    I meant to include a link to my Shopify store, but I guess I'm not allowed to post any links. Anyway, if you type in

    basketball fitness zone dot com

    you'll be able to see my site, such as it is at the moment.
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    I've said it before and I will say it again. This particular model of eCommerce only works with an impulse buy, "wow, I have to have that now" type of product. I do not see any of those types of products on your website.

    Remember, nobody goes on Facebook looking to buy things. They go there to look at kitten videos and to bore their friends/family with what they ate for dinner or lunch. So, in order to grab their attention and get them to buy something, it needs to be something pretty fantastic or something they have always wanted but never could find. It also has to be relatively inexpensive.
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    I like how you have answered most of your questions yourself. Not having confidence in your products is a sure way of killing your business.

    Your first bet, in my opinion, is to source a credible supplier and get your High Ticket sales from there still keeping Aliexpress (seeing that you have already invested on the plugin) to fulfil your low ticket.

    Coming to the niche selection, if it wasn't a good one you wouldn't have selected it in the first place just do a bit of research on your products. You can use a tool like Google Trends.

    I know it was not much but I hope I helped a bit good luck & you can still ask should you think there are other things I might be able to help you with...
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    You seem uncertain about the niche you want to start with. First niche research is very critical part of the process. You first need to find out if there is adequate demand for the niche you are in. You can do some research by using Google adwords Keyword Tool.
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