Purchase cheap clothes from china or taiwan??

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I need a website to purchase cheap clothes from china, taiwan, or any other place?

id like the material to not really be cheap just less expensive.

thank you!!!
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    if you havent one of the largest and one of the most versatile places i'd go for this would definitely be https://www.alibaba.com/ without a doubt. One of the best whole sale sites out there and has been for several years.

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      I Recommend the AliBaba


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  • check this aliexpress.com
    here's quality is pretty good with a normal price and YES its from china.

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    China and Taiwan are not garment centers in the world, these days your looking at Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia for a little higher quality and higher price Thailand. I would suggest you start looking at the labels on the clothing you buy for reference.

    If you don't look at this => Really Funny Shirts <= you missed something in life

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    You can check this amazon or ebay. here's a quality with standard price.
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    Vietnamese private manufacturers currently produce best quality with low wholesale prices.
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    The questions is about buying cheap clothes - not about selling them?

    All you need to do is click on liligal or fairyseason or one of the other 'sweetly titled' google ads - plenty of clothes as cheaply made as possible. They look cheap - the fabric feels cheap - and they fit poorly - is that what you want?

    Was just talking to friends yesterday who wondered why regulators don't require those sites to reveal WHERE they are shipping from - they try very hard not to reveal that part.
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