Can you give me some criticts/opinions/tips for my new site?

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I've made my first shopify site and I'm going to sell smarthphone cases in USA from AliExpress.

Can you give me some opinions about the site?

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    I seen your website. your website is really good.
    if you do good marketing that will be the best. you will find sells.
    for marketing you can do this things.
    1. SEO
    3.FB ads
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      Originally Posted by Shawon10 View Post

      I seen your website. your website is really good.
      if you do good marketing that will be the best. you will find sells.
      for marketing you can do this things.
      1. SEO
      3.FB ads

      There does not seem to be any blog posts, or any free content giving iPhone / Android users free information on interesting ways to use their phones, or maybe the best apps.

      You could do 1 article a day filled with keywords. that should help, unless you plan on driving traffic the expensive way of purely paying for ads.

      Also, your site could benefit with a short video demo of what it does (check youtube for examples).
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    I'll start with FB ads but I dont have big capital and I'll start with 5$ on each posts which I know is surely not enough
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      only using post boost will not work much if you have good budget like at least $1000+ for one month then can be possible something needs to do using Pixel track also best will be if you target only the iPhone users who interested in iPhone cover
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  • Hi,
    Your website looks really cool. Just some suggestions, don't waste money on ads before knowing that it could make a conversion or not
    In your website footer, once you click social media icons make them open in a new tab. So the page bounce rate may not increase.
    In your Contact us page, add some details to it like your mobile number, mail id , location. So people will trust you that you're legit.
    In your about us page, add some more points about you. So people will have a reason to buy from you and trust you. Every websites About us page describes the brand vision and mission.

    In case if you're free, check in Yaali Inventory Management Software, it's free and upgraded version of every other Inventory Management Software.

    Thank You

    Best Regards ,
    Yaali Inventory Management Software
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      thanks man,
      About the location, I'm From bulgaria, I haven't still registed my brand as a legal buisness yet, and since i'm dropshipping from China, what do you think is the best to say. That my location is in Bulgaria or China?
      Or Buisness is located in Bulgaria and Our store is in China or something like that or?
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    Hi, your shopify is cool. Fred Lam is an expert in this. Check out his video in YouTube if available. He is hosting free webinar on shopify.
    Money On Demand by Ewen Chia
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    Just had a look - your site looks great, well done.

    If it was me, I would not use an @gmail address when you could use your own and set up a forwarder. For me, it loses any credibility / perceived scale you have built on your other pages.

    Also: "We are new in the business, so we will give our best to make sure our clients are happy with the products we provide, since Jarisimo is still not a proven brand." I think you could achieve the same thing by wording it differently whilst still giving a sense of experience. E.g:

    Even though we're still building our reputation, we've had many happy customers so far: [insert review].

    Just my two cents. Best of luck ,
    If what I said helps, let me know, throw me a 'thanks'.
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    I have copied and pasted below a section of text from your website. The typo on the word "with" needs to be fixed. I think that you should look all over your site and fix any similar problems. I would be very wary of buying something from a site that had typos.

    "You are free to choose from a great variety of products wtih free shipping and fast delivery."
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