Help me choose the brand name, please !

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In the near future I want to start selling on Amazon, but the point is I can't choose the name for my brand. I mean, it's a bit difficult because I'm not native speaker of English. I have an option "BILLIMAN". Could you please tell me about your inclinations over this word? Is it good for the brand name? Does it create any negative emotions?
I hope I made myself clear.
Thanks in advance for your replies!
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  • its not bad but i think you should search for a more proffesional name than this one.
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    Hey Max,
    What are you selling on Amazon? With this we can help you with your branding name,
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    Yep, it would definitely help to know what you are selling. It's pretty impossible to come up with a brand name without knowing that (although Google, Yahoo, Bing and Amazon sure seemed to do alright with a word that had nothing to do with their business).
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    I would choose a brand name that you can get the domain name for. I would use a site like lean Domain Search Lean Domain Search | Find a great domain name in seconds to come up with a name and then register the domain.
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