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Hello, I want to open a shopify store. Does 2checkout allow free +shipping products?
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    Originally Posted by Pan0s View Post

    Hello, I want to open a shopify store. Does 2checkout allow free +shipping products?
    Here's where you can find out: Knowledge Base - 2Checkout - Home

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  • 2Checkout are very strict about their policies, so watch out. You better use Stripe if you're going to do free+shipping, because they know the deal. If you can't use Stripe, use PP instead.

    Also, make sure you have an upsell ready if you're doing F+S, or you won't be able to cover your ad spend and thus lose your shirt. Make sure you are building a custom audience out of this campaign so you could re-target your buyers with more similar products.

    And best of all, remember that the best upsell or re-targeting ad is from the exact same product in most cases.
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    In my country I can't use stipe! I'll use PP either way along with a card payment service, but do you know any other payment gateway I can use? I was thinking about worldpay but I think they don't support debit cards.
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    Why do that anyway. People will feel ripped off. it is better to do it the other way around. FREE shipping.

    If I buy something you need to make a profit so are you going to charge me $25.00 shipping when I know it should be around $7.00 to ship


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      I know it's better free shipping. But everynoe on internet is talking about f+s when you are starting a shopify store!
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    Most of gateways that would solve your problem are not free you have to pay a monthly fee. i would give you a list if your ok with the monthly charges

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    Give me please if you want!
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  • 2checkout is very strict about their TOS. They Didnt Allow Free plus shipping or Dropshipping But Here are Two Things you can try..
    1-Get Approve Your Account Without Free plus Shipping And Once Approved start Free Plus Shipping.
    2-Go For Paypal Business Account.
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