Amazon vs Aliexpress to shopify dropshipping

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Which one do you like the most and why?
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    Not really sure what you are asking here. Are you talking about selling your own products on Amazon or are you talking about "dropshipping" from Amazon via your website? (In other words, marking up a retail price from Amazon to an even higher retail price on your site and finding someone dumb enough to buy it - something that is against Amazon's TOS, incidentally.)
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  • i prefer aliexpress bcoz the products on aliexpress are cheaper than amazon, so aliexpress make more profit for me for the same products.
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    I use aliexpress to test
    and then buy them in bulk
    the slow delivery time drives me nuts
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    They both offer a different type of customer one that ones something now and one that will wait. Also, the wholesale cost is less on Aliexpress most of the time. I would create a store with a mix of products from both in your store.

    If your interested have a look at it allows you to create and import products from both Amazon and Aliexpress in seconds and comes with prebuilt store templates and promotion funnels.
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  • A Pre-made WordPress ane Aliexpress dropshipping business. By

    1. You have no monthly fees with Wordpress. Shopify will cost you at least $75 a month for a store with the same features. Dropshiprocket is only a one time fee.

    2. Free hosting and support for the life of your business.

    3. 100+ product preloaded into the business.

    4. Free step by step video training for marketing your business.
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