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I buy on Alibaba to sell in the US. I have dealt with a number of suppliers without problem. I use Alibaba's trade assurance to make sure I get quality goods otherwise I would dispute the transaction.

My problem has been with Alibaba. 3 times out of 12 transactions Alibaba has flagged my transaction as not safe. I do not know why criteria they use. They will notify the supplier to send the product to me only after Alibaba has received the cash. So, what is the risk here? It is annoying and difficult to do business with Alibaba.
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    i suggest to contact their customer support manager
    i have ordered a few times from that site and everything was fine
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    I have requested to talk to their support manager and each time they tell me that the manager is not available. They ask for my email to have the manager respond to me. He/she never does. I too have ordered a nd paid a number of times without a problem but 3 of them got flagged as risky.
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  • it usually happen when you pay through paypal.if you're not paying through it i better suggest you to make a new account and tell your suppliers that its your new account.HOPE this'll help!
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    Thanks for your comment. I paid thru PayPal once when Alibaba flagged my invoice payment option. The PayPal payment was made directly to the supplier and not sure how Alibaba would know about it.

    I have opened a new account and will stay away from using PayPal.
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