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I have been trying Trendosaur to hunt down hot, high demand, high profit items but have hard time finding any good items. How do you guys locate high profit high demand items to sell on Amazon and eBay?
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    We don't use any other tool but the brain. We keep our eyes open, constantly looking for things that cannot be bought in any sort of variety in local stores.

    You can use the following methods to get ideas:

    - Visit a real magazine stand and leaf through the different magazines. They are all built around niches and you will often find advertisements or articles about products you've never heard about.

    - Pay attention when you are watching a TV show or movie and look for things the actors are using or things in the background. If you see anything that causes you to ask "where do you buy that?" you might have found a viable niche.

    - The above works in real life, too. Pay attention to the world around you and what people are using, what is hanging on the walls, what is sitting on the ground. Again, if you have to ask "where do you buy that?" you may have a viable online niche.

    - Visit stores and look for interesting products that they only have one or two models of.

    - Think about all of the different jobs that exist and the tools/items needed to perform those jobs.

    - Think of all the things people like to do when they are not at work and all of the products needed for those extracurricular activities.

    - Visit some of the major online shopping engines like Shopzilla or BizRate and click the top sellers link at the bottom of the site in the footer. That will expand to all sorts of categories that should give you some ideas.

    Once we have what look like good candidate niches, we use our own keyword finder/difficulty tool to ascertain demand (number of daily searches for all appropriate keywords associated with that niche) and our chances of ranking well.
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    Dave is 100% correct.

    I also find many niches through Korean dramas. Look for things which are different, and can exceed your expectations as well. In fact, I discovered a few exceptional services through dramas too, which help in online business on a grand scale.
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    Check out for eBay - a great tool for market research. It will show you what items selling that the most people have added to their watch list. You can use keywords or categories to search for live popularity.
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    Research, study the market, look out for what's in demand that's not available in regular store.
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  • Tools can only give you info of trending products etc.
    i never use any type of tools to find best products, but i always got succesfull in finding best profitable products by testing each product through fb campaign & instagram influencers.
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    I like selling stuff that I am clear on, aka, what I resonate with. The best selling products seem to be those I believe in. I get clear, I feel good promoting the goods because I have fun doing so and know the offerings will improve lives, and I make sales.

    All about the energy, for me.

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