Dropship store with niche or different products in different categories?

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I am starting out my new online store on woocommerce comprising of Lifestyle products. I have different categories in my store like Men clothing, women clothing, accessories, pets products etc.

My question is;

- How should I market my store, either targeting certain products separately as a niche or a store as a whole?

- Or, should I create separate stores for each category again making them as a niche? and market them independently rather than keeping them in one store?
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    I recall a phrase that would come up in business when having discussions like this:
    Get big, get niche or get out.

    It sounds a bit harsh, but if you are competing with so many product lines, you need mammoth marketing resources. The rule of thumb is to go for a sub-sub-niche.

    Some examples:
    Health->weight loss->post-pregnancy weight loss
    Lifestyle->hiking clothes->men's outdoorwear

    I don't want to rain on your parade but it is very hard to position something that is that broad.
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      Thanks Peter for your precious reply. Can you please let me know if it's useful to create different sub-domains on a single lifestyle store? for example...
      kidsclothes.lifestylestore.com etc.

      or should I create them as an independent domain stores?

      Thanking you in advance.
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    You can use sub-domains as google technically sees them as separate sites. However, it would probably look more professional to have a different domain for each website. Many hosting sites will allow you to add multiple domains onto the same hosting account, so the only added expense is the domain fee.
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    It sounds like you want to start a very general store with broad categories. I agree with Peter below. Why not think of a very specific, very niche line of products like mens cufflinks, or funny ties for men. Something very specific without a ton of competition. You might try looking at WaNeLo.com to see popular items, but make sure they are very specific items. Women's jewelry all about sea turtles. Or unicorn jewelry. Or unicorn stuff for kids. The more specific and niche the better I think you'll do. You want to be a specialist, not a generalist.
    I hope this helps,
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      Thanks for your valuable suggestion Bradley. WaNeLo.com is a good place to research with.
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      Thanks GosuCommerce for your suggestion.
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  • hello pharhaan,

    I Think You Dont Have To Create Separate stores for each niche, but you should market products separately and observe their results. You'll Find your best product with best results, then focus on that product mainly.
    #Never Promote/Market Two Different Products Together.
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      Yes, you are right. But now instead of having a generalized store, I am just focusing on women premium jewelry.

      ...and from there I am planning to promote each product separately. Once customer adds that product to the cart, I will then cross-sell and up-sell other product from there. Is this strategy fine?
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