Top 10 Shopify Apps that Can Increase Conversion Rates Right Now

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I've been creating Done-For-You Shopify Dropshipping stores for a couple of clients now, and one thing that I'm always asked is - "what are the apps that you will install". Here are some of my Go-to Shopify Apps for improving conversion rates.

These are the Shopify Apps that other Shopify owners don't want you to know, because these apps work really well in increasing conversion rates. Take my word for it - these Shopify apps work! Let's get straight to it!


Let your customers or visitors promote your products for you by sharing a specific coupon code within their social media accounts. Referral Candy is a Shopify app that lets your customers send out referral links to their social media accounts in exchange for prizes, discounts or store credits.

It is very easy to setup, but requires a $49 monthly fee. If you have a growing Shopify store then this app is a must-have. Referral Candy will pay for itself and the profits. You can avail of their 30-day free trial, and cancel anytime if it is not working for you. Some brands that have been using Referral Candy are: Reebok, Uniqlo, BlueSmart and Greats.

Referral Candy is simply the best referral app on Shopify right now.


Wheelio is the original interactive, gameified exit intent popup. Email marketing works in 2017, and there's no easier way to get emails from visitors than Wheelio.

If you have not seen this kind of exit-intent popup yet, Wheelio is a spin-a-wheel popup. The visitor enters their email, and the wheel spins to point to a specific discount "pie". It is highly engaging and way more effective in capturing lead emails rather than the simple plug-and-play popups that are provided by other email marketing platforms.

Wheelio is also very easy to setup and configure. You can change the style of the wheel, the trigger when it will pop-out, and also the weights of each discount pie. It can integrate with the most popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Aweber, Mailerlite, Constant Contact and many others. The Wheelio developers have also recently launched a Pro version where you will have access to more advanced features like email validation, email duplicate prevention, segmentation, campaigns, custom fields and advanced analytics.

Wheelio has a 7-day risk-free trial and after that it will cost $14 per month. Other Shopify owners have had great success already with their email list growth with using Wheelio, and you should definitely give this a try!


Shopify already has a built-in automated abandoned cart follow up email. You can optimize that one to the best that you can, but there's just so much you can optimize. You will not be able to follow up again once the abandoned cart email has been sent. For some Shopify stores this might suffice, but the conversion rates for the default abandoned cart email is slim to none.

Abandonment Protector Plus solves this issue by providing more advanced functions for following up abandoned carts. With simple tools, you can configure the sending of recovery emails, new offers for abandoned orders, new offers for completed orders, a thank you email after being completed the purchase, an email to introduce your social networks, and a newsletter welcome.

I still can't get over how some of my clients are leaving money on the table and not optimizing their abandoned cart emails. If you want to improve your conversion rates, make sure you optimize this part of your Shopify business.

The Abandonment Protector Plus has a 21-day risk-free trial, and after that it will only set you back $8/month for 3,000 follow up emails & you can increase the number of follow up emails as you scale up for not that much money. In my opinion, that expense is definitely worth it considering you are automating a neglected part of your business, which are the abandoned carts.


If you've seen those little popups in other Shopify stores that shows a notification of the site's recent purchase activity, most pobably that is the Fomo Shopify App. Fomo is a social proof marketing app - it increase purchase conversions by highlighting what other customers are doing. You can build your credibility by displaying orders, product reviews, and more in real-time. It creates online equivalent of a busy restaurant, showing prospective customers that other people are buying your products.

The Fomo app gets its customer information from a ton of third-party app integrations, but the configuration process is really not that complicated. In my experience, the social proof does work to generate conversions. The Fomo developers are always adding in new features so definitely check out all its capabilities.

Fomo has a flexible payment scheme, starting from $19 / month after a short free trial period of 7 days. Serious Shopify businesses use social proof extensively, there's no reason why your store should not integrate this one.


Adding scarcity and urgency have been proven to increase conversion rates, especially with Shopify stores. I won't say this is applicable to every Shopify store, but a lot of them were able to improve the conversions simply by installing a countdown timer. And among the other countdown timers that I've tried, the Hurrify app is the best of the bunch.

With the Hurrify app, you are able to customize the look of the timer and it is also mobile-friendly. The monthly cost with this app on your Shopify store is $6.99, and you will have 2 days risk-free trial to determine if the app is worth it for you. Some don't like putting in false urgency with their stores, but still the numbers don't lie and countdown timers do bring in the sales!


Loox Photo Reviews is another social proof marketing app where you can gather reviews and customer photos of your products from different sources. For Shopify dropshipping stores, this is a very neat feature especially if you have not gathered your own customer reviews yet. It will also help you to gather reviews from your current customers automatically through email. There are plenty more functions on this Shopify app but those I think are the most useful features of the Loox Photo Reviews app.

The photo reviews are presented in a tasteful way that is also mobile-friendly. I highly recommend this app as one of the first that you need to install if you are currenlty setting up your dropshipping store.

You can try out Loox Photo Reviews free for 14 days, and after that it will cost you $9.99 per month. It might be pricey for shops that are just starting, but getting lots of reviews automatically and instantly right now will encourage your visitors to convert into customers, turning them intor profit, and that's why this app's cost is fully justified.


Bold Apps has a number of great Shopify Apps, but this one is what I recommend to my clients to install to their stores, especially those that have multiple products. Here a summary of why this app should be installed in your Shopify store today:

- Increase the amount of every sale through last minute, customizable upsell offers
- Offer relevant add-on products to customers based on cart content, total $ in cart, or even a combination!
- Promote various specials or items based on order value. Pair it with the Product Discount app and run BOGO Buy One Get One offers!

This app is not for the faint of heart, as it will cost you a fair amount of money if you are just starting out. Their plan starts at $9.99 for 200 views and goes up from there. But don't fret since the revenue from your upsells can pay for it and more. There are other alternative Product Upsell apps for Shopify, but the Bold Apps Product Upsell is the best among the bunch. Its loaded with the best features, has a great support team and they are constantly updating their apps to match the market demand. If you are serious with your Shopify Business, they offer 30-day free trial so you can evaluate if this app is worth the money.


If you mainly advertise on Facebook, then being available for them through chat support is one of the best ways to convert them from visitors to customers. If you are able to answer their questions about the product instantly with a live customer support representative then it will increase their confidence in buying from your store.

The Facebook Chat from Beeketing is a FREE app that will allow you to talk to your visitors directly from your store using their Facebook accounts. You are able to connect to them through their hangout place on the internet, which is Facebook, and give customer support right from there. It also encourages them to interact more with your shop, your brand, and in turn get close with your visitors and gain their trust.

The Facebook Chat from Beeketing is free, so if you don't have it installed yet I suggest you do that right now!


Privy is one of the best - if not the best - email popup with exit intent. I have installed this on almost all of my clients' Shopify stores that are not yet using Wheelio or any other email capture strategy. Building your email list is important for any business website, and using Privy will be one of the best decisions you can make right now. It is not an email marketing tool like Mailchimp or Aweber, rather it is the front-end of your lead capture strategy. It is the app to use if you want to increase your email list in a stylish way. And once you have that list, you will have more people to present your products through email marketing and increase your profits simply by capturing the emails of the visitors.

Privy is an exit intent app with highly customizable design, configurable fields and triggers, and can be integrated with almost all of the email marketing services currently available. It is free to use, and you can upgrade later on to remove the Privy branding on the popups and get more useful and advanced functions from their dashboard. I highly recommend you install this Shopify App if you don't have any email capture popup yet in your store!


Conversio will automate a big part of your email remarketing strategy for you, and some of you might be skeptical at first but I've seen a very big success from emailing back and following up previous customers and converting them into repeat buyers from the store. One store I've worked on previously make 25% of their sales from email remarketing efforts that are automated from Conversio. Here's the summary of what Conversio is and what it can do for you:

- Get started in minutes by seamlessly connecting your Shopify store with your Conversio account.
- Sell more using our supercharged, intelligent and automated email options: Receipts, Follow-Up, Abandoned Cart and Newsletters.
- Upsell and cross-sell using our easy on-site widgets: Product Recommendations, Product Reviews, Feedback and Search.

Ultimately, Conversio is almost an all-in-one platform for your marketing strategy. From what I've witnessed in my previous clients, it generates profits from your backend - which are your past customers and your abandoned carts. There are already a lot of success stories of businesses using Conversio, and the best part is that you can try this out for Free even after their 30-day trial. After the 30 days you can opt in for their premium plans, which are based on your success, or continue using the limited Free plan. Conversio is defenitely on top of my most recommended Shopify apps to increase conversion rates.

I hope this tips will be valuable to those who use Shopify as their eCommerce platform. And do let me know if you would like to add in to this list, lets continue the discussion on this thread, eCommerce hustlers!
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  • Well The Shopify App Store is loaded with many incredible applications that can enable dealers to streamline their everyday errands, add pristine usefulness to their store, and make it less demanding to maintain their business.
    We regularly get solicited which from those applications are the "best," yet with such huge numbers of various business needs and tastes, it's truly difficult to state. Be that as it may, there are some applications that can give monstrous incentive to pretty much any entrepreneur who utilizes them.

    Receiptful makes it workable for Shopify store proprietors to modify the look of their receipts with customized marking and extra usefulness. Traders can likewise boost future buys with rebate or free transporting codes.
    Here's the reason each store proprietor should utilize it:
    • Receiptful messages have an open rate of 70.90% (normal advertising messages are 17.19%).
    • 70% of individuals make utilization of coupons or rebates they find out about from email.
    • Win more income with worked in item upsells and allude a-companion usefulness.

    Tidio Live Chat
    Tidio Live Chat adds a live talk window to your online store that associates with an application on your telephone. Clients can make inquiries about items and strategies, and vendors can rapidly give answers.

    Here's the reason each store proprietor should utilize it:
    • Noting questions rapidly can help avert lost deals and lower ricochet rates.
    • 24% of clients surveyed said they have utilized live visit, and 73% of them said they were content with their live talk involvement.
    • 46% of surveyed clients concurred live visit was the most proficient specialized strategy.
    Exit Offers
    Leave Offers exhibits a last offer to clients leaving your store. At the point when a guest's mouse cursor leaves the window, Exit Offers can convey a fly up with a rebate code in return for their email.

    Here's the reason each store proprietor should utilize it:

    In one test, popups drove 1,375% more email catches versus a sidebar pick in frame.
    Simple approach to gather email addresses (email changes over superior to some other channel).
    Rebates or free sending can help influence clients who are going back and forth about acquiring.
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      Thanks for your additional input! Receiptful is now Conversion in the Shopify App store. And yes, Exit Offers can definitely be helpful as well!
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    Plobal Apps an Shopify Mobile App builder platform company has developed an shopify abandonment cart App which reduces the cart abandonment rate thereby increasing the sale. They have a free trial of 14 days for their products.
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      Thanks for the input, definitely it is important to reduce the cart abandonment. Those apps are worth a try.

      With Klaviyo integrated to Shopify, it has automatic templates for the abandoned cart recovery, customer winback, and also be used for general email marketing.
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    Well Bang on Post in addition to the above I also use Hurrify to make scarcity sales and very important coz I sell worldwide I use Best Currency converter.
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    Shopify offers thousands of app under various categories such as marketing, sales, etc. to help grow your business, which makes it a tough choice for entrepreneurs to choose what works best for their online stores.

    Spending many years helping thousands of merchants run their businesses. I've hand-picked 10 Shopify apps/plug-ins that Shopify businesses, both big and small should use for their stores:

    1. Oberlo
    Make AliExpress dropshipping business simple in 3 minutes for everyone

    Oberlo is one of the best apps on Shopify app store for AliExpress dropshippers. It allows you to directly import products from AliExpress to your website and order product to fulfill placements automatically in one click.

    2. Boost Sales
    Smart Upsell & Cross-sell to increase average purchase value
    Not only does Boost Sales empower you to manually schedule your own preferred upsell and cross-sell package deals, but it also collect and analyze sales data of the whole store to automatically recommend personalized products to the right customers.

    3. SEO Image Optimizer
    Make SEO for images easier than ever for non-tech store owners
    It will take less than 1 minute to set it up, then the app will automatically adjust the Alt tag of products for you, which is the #1 priority when it comes to image optimization.

    4. Mailbot
    Your Virtual Email Marketing Assistant
    Born to ease and optimize the tremendously challenging yet highly converting email marketing channel for eCommerce stores, Mailbot frees you from endless hours and efforts of drafting and scheduling newsletters every week.

    5. Yotpo Review
    Generating more site & product reviews to increase conversion rate and customers' trust
    Yotpo Review empowers you to easily collect and use the reviews widget to showcase reviews right on your product pages. In addition to that, being highly customizable and SEO friendly are also the top-notch features users can benefit from the app.

    6. Checkout Boost
    Boost checkout rate and generate referral traffic from social word-of-mouth
    Checkout Boost works like a charm in motivating your customers to share their carts on Facebook and Twitter with an incentive, thus driving referral traffic from social media to your store.

    7. Rewards and Referrals by Swell
    Build interesting reward and referral programs to retain customers and generate leads

    Rewards loyalty program is a proven tactic to retain repeat customers at a relatively low cost: you incentivise your customers to interact with you and come back regularly for more points. Swell is a great tool that helps Shopify merchants build a highly customizable loyalty program in a click.

    8. Sales Pop
    Create a sense of urgency with real-time notification of recent sales

    If you are struggling to find an app that helps urge customers to make faster buying decision, build trust and credibility for store and lift up you sales, Sales Pop is right just for you.

    9. Clever Adwords, Easy Integration
    No Google marketer needed anymore, let Clever Adwords do that for you

    Clever Adwords will handle all the hassles of running and managing Google Adwords campaigns for online shop owners. The app takes care of everything: installing remarketing tag, optimizing keywords and running a campaign on Google for you.

    10. Outfy
    Take control of 10+ prominent social networks from a single place all at once

    If you are in need of a method allowing you to share a wide range of products and make them go viral on all the social medias, you should never overlook Outfy - an app which empowers you to effortlessly take the control of more than ten different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

    I also wrote an article on Best Shopify apps to grow your eCommerce business in 2018 which includes a detailed review of most of the apps mentioned above and why you should be using them.

    Hope this helps!
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      Really helpful to me. Thanks Dang Tuan Anh!
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    I'm using Checkout Boost and this app helps me boost 9% checkout rate in 3 weeks. Totally recommend this app!
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    Really helpful article,
    Can anyone suggest me free Abandonment cart Automation app?
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    Shopify App store is flooding with a lot of such apps. There are a plenty of ways by which you can optimize your conversion rate. The best way to do it to use Analytics properly and implement those changes which will bring user engagement on your store.*

    Most of the merchants on Shopify uses Google Analytics or Shopify Analytics. Although both these analytics tools are pretty good for knowing the clickstream related data and reports but both failed to provide advanced analytics reports in real-time.*

    Now a days getting data in real-time and using those insights are really crucial for e-commerce businesses. You need to choose an app which gives predictive analytics in real-time with actionable insights.
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    Now Days Many Themes come with most of the apps, I have actually got mine designed to have most of the important apps and it has really helped me coz I dont have to Pay Monthly for this and makes it much easier for me to create stores for my clients and for my students.
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