Aliexpress Affiliate vs Woocommerce Direct Dropshipping - What would you do ?

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Hi all,

I have an old domain which has some great authority which I started to set up as a dropshipping website from a good source in the Uk however, the problem I have is I don't have a merchant account anymore and with the average sale being around £200.00 I'm pretty certain a paypal will have rolling reserve in place or it will limit very quickly.

The predicted turnover will be £8-10k after 3 months and I've now decided to go through the Aliexpress Affiliate program as it's far less hassle with potential chargebacks, losing out on paypals crappy currency exchange rates, more stock availability etc etc.

I have a few questions I want to ask.

1. When I set the Ali plugin up how will this affect my current categories and products I have already with woocommerce? Shall I re-direct all the existing urls or can I keep the categories I have set up?

2. I also have some 404 errors from a while ago as the websites been in active for over 3 years for example I have 301 re-directed a url like /shop.php?p=search_results&search_terms= however it won't re-direct properly, shall I ignore this?

3. Any further tips on ranking my domain back in the 1st page results where it used to be would be much appreciated or do I treat it as if it's a new domain?

Be great if I could get some advice on the above

Many Thanks
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