I came up with some T shirt designs and would like some help please

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Hey guys, it's been ages since I've been on this site. I remember back in the day Tee Spring was a good resource (2012-13) and not sure what the trend is now. Here is my problem: I don't want to have to sit at home all day and ship these out if my brand succeeds. I would prefer a more automated way to do this as opposed to ordering 500 Ts and then packing them all myself. I was using Amazon FBA system but the fees are pretty high and it can be really costly to get these things printed on quality Ts. Is there anything more current as a way to print my designs remotely and have them shipped to the customer via my website?
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    There are lots of print on demand T-shirt places that will integrate with a shopify store. Personally I would check out GearBubble Pro. It's a brand new all in one print on demand store. They offer all kinds of products including T-shirts. All the products are printed and shipped from the USA.

    I'm a member of GearBubble and sell a lot of their products on Amazon FBA. I haven't set up a GearBubble Pro yet but I'm seriously thinking about it. I can vouch for the quality of their products.

    Hope this helps.
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    On Of the good platforms that i know is spreadshirt.com
    A friend of Mine is selling TS everyday there.
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    Thanks anyone else have an opinion?
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    My suggestion is Sunfrog, You supply them with your designs and they do everything else. You get paid when any of the many people selling their shirts makes a sale. Of course along with that you can set up your own site and do your own promoting and sunfrog produces the shirts and ships them to the customer.
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    Wow. There are alot of print on demand sites you could use to do this. Im sure you could post pics of you designs on your own website and send buyers to the POD site to fill the order. Some of these are integrated with facebook and other social sites that make it easier to get your designs out there. Good luck.
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    I've heard that one of the cheapest is customcat. They also have a huge catalog. Though I haven't used them yet personally, I intend to. I can also say that Printful is another that would do it for you - though their prices are expensive. Thus far, each of the print on demand sites have their own flaws, so i'd say it's up to you to decide what you prefer; more specifically, whether you prefer lower prices, higher margins but perhaps slightly lesser quality; higher quality, but more expensive products, or something average and between.

    I would definitely suggest checking those out though to do the fulfillment, and to get traffic to actually sell them, go on merch by amazon, create a shopify store and run facebook ads to it, and of course have the designs on tee-spring, etc.

    Hope that helps!
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