How to promote a newly created website ?

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I have created a new website recently and i want to promote my website in a proper way. I have also applied the on page and off page optimisation techniques in that. I want more traffic and reach to my website.
The second thing is that i want my website reached by all regions in our section.
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    There are really only five ways to get traffic to your website:

    1) You undertake the long and arduous journey of SEO and wait for organic search rankings to rise, little by little.

    2) You pay for advertising.

    3) You join social networking groups and forums that are related to your niche, become a respected member of the community and hope that some of those people will check out your site and buy things sometime down the road.

    4) You set up an affiliate network and get the affiliates to drive traffic to your site, paying them a commission for each sale.

    5) You get other sites to link to your site and send their visitors your way.

    There may be more, but those are all the basic ways I know of off the top of my head.
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    Here's what I would do for a brand new site.

    1. create a Facebook fan page for your website. Post relevant content related to your site. Run like campaigns and boost some of your posts.

    2. Create an Instagram account for your site and post relevant photos and short videos.

    3. Create a twitter account for your site and set up a tweet campaign.

    4. Create a YouTube channel and post relevant videos to drive traffic to your site.

    That sounds like a lot and it is, but you can't rely on SEO anymore, you have to drive traffic from a lot of other sources to get the ball rolling.
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    Many ways to promote your websites
    1)Do seo on page and off page activites
    2) To paids ads in google to promote
    3) promoting on tv ads , social media activities
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    Huge fan of guest posting here.

    Show off your expertise.

    Build bonds.

    Help people.

    Promote your website.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    In terms of promoting your website you need to consider whether you are looking for free or paid traffic. Free traffic tends to be generated a lot slower than paid traffic.

    If you want to see how well your website converts then I would for fast results go for paid traffic such as a Facebook campaign.
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    You could go for Social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc... you could share some informations over there, to direct some visitors on your website, also, you could try to joint some forums and blogs relates to your website main idea, and try to share some good threads over there, to generate some traffic! One other thing could be to create some videos that you could share on a youtube channel and it could be very relevant for you to generate some good traffic.
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    What is your market niche?
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    Create an FB page and advertise it on Facebook to target your audience.
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    Following steps you discover as you learn how to promote a new website:

    01.Create a powerful newsletter with content that will make your
    subscribers click.
    02.Optimize your website to get the most out of search engine results.
    03.Prepare an informed social marketing strategy and engage with your
    target audience on social media.
    04.Encourage visitors, clients and followers to become evangelists for your
    site and to promote it themselves.
    05.Make sure your website looks great on mobile devices to keep mobile
    users happy.
    06.Track and analyze your site traffic stats regularly to learn more about
    your visitors' interaction with your website and enhance your content accordingly.
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    Just promote your website in facebook groups and google plus to get organic traffic to your newly made website.
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    at first i will share my website on forums and social media. set a couple of milestones for this (3-4) in order to know that you're going the right way. after achieving those milestones, move to paid advertising and affiliate marketing
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    Based on you Niche you can ask for Instagram influencer for a shout out.
    But you should be able to identify if they have a massive following.
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    Social is dead IMO unless you want to pay to boost your posts or test your luck spamming groups.

    As dave_hermansen is boils down to paying for traffic outright (PPC, affiliate programs, etc.) or SEO.

    Depending on how much you earn per sale, paid traffic may or may not be realistic.

    To kick start the SEO on a new site, start with branded, url, and generic anchors, then work your way into better more targeted links.
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    Continue the Off-page SEO. Focus on SMM. Start Mail marketing and also can use advert campaigns.
    I can give the better answer if you be more specific(what type of site you have ?).
    Thank You
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    Hi, create a Squeeze page with free report to get subscribers..
    Money On Demand by Ewen Chia
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    Hi, thank u Elizabethlim
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    I will suggest you SEO and Facebook marketing best for you.
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      Originally Posted by Alexmorco View Post

      Here's the complete infographic that will help you to promote newly created website,

      Hi Alexmorco,

      There seems to be some generally bad advice there, I would not recommend following the suggestions in that infographic, and apparently most successful eCommerce businesses do not.

      Specifically it suggests that you avoid PPC advertising for eCommerce, yet statistics are readily available that show roughly 2 of every 3 online sales come from paid ads rather than organic search listings. Most successful ecommerce businesses that are successful rely heavily on paid promotion, and specifically on PPC advertising.

      While you certainly can avoid the primary source of online sales generating traffic for ecommerce and still survive, perhaps even thrive if you have a successful unconventional promotional technique, however it seemed to me like generally bad advice for the masses.

      Marketing strategies that work best these days are multi-channel and cross channel strategies. I always encourage clients to use several marketing channels in combination, but I don't advice avoiding the channels that tend to bring the greatest amount of sales. You have got to be where your customers expect to find you if you want to capture a decent share of the market.


      Don Burk
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    Start with your friends and relatives using Social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp. Later you can try Bing Ads and Google AdWords to promote your website.
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    My blog is just 1 month and a half
    ( And I already get a decent amount of traffic, an average of 300-350 per day, 22 Google search engine clicks with lots of impression and 42 email subscribers. It's not much but its a good start.

    How I promote my blog

    1) I update my blog every week, trying as much as possible to write quality content.

    2) I got all my blog posts indexed (they aren't many yet though). How to index your new website (the ultimate guide). https:///ZhdDJe

    3) SEO (Recently started focusing more on SEO) and it has been great. Some helpful resources. SEO made easy: 21 killer SEO techniques for beginners , 5 ways to Effectively add Internal links to content for SEO (How To) | My Blogger Truth https:///qv5CEM

    4) I joined active Facebook ,linkedIn and pinterest groups, have an active Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Best 7 social media sites to increase traffic to your website.

    5) I also get backlinks from forums of my niche; quora, warrior forum, digital point and some other less popular forums.

    6) I Leave comments on authority sites and I just started an outreach project to get the attention of top influencers of my niche. Hope you chose the right niche- https:///dziFes

    7) I share blog posts on other platforms like medium, tailwind tribes, slideshare and many others.
    Submitted to some blog directories. 101 top free and paid blog directories to submit your blog

    Some New projects

    1) Submitting to press release directories
    2) Guest posting
    3) Making youtube videos
    4) Outreaching to top influencers

    My current social media count in just One month.

    Twitter (@mybloggertruth ) - 413

    Instagram - 220

    Facebook - 1,096

    Pinterest - 143

    LinkedIn - 1600

    It has not been easy, but you have to work hard for what you want.

    Other posts you may find on my blog.

    [1] How to quickly get interesting blog Post Ideas
    [2] How to submit a sitemap on a blogger blog - Quick steps
    [3] How to submit website to bing webmaster and its essential tools
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    Building a website is an art and driving traffic likewise. There are tons of different ways in which you can increase your website traffic with. Some are a bit tricky to master, some cost money, some demand hard work, some only take a few seconds.
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    Submit a free press release to PR Log. It should show up quickly on Google and could generate thousands of hits.
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    If you have really good offer you should try Google AdWords, I know, it is not the cheap way but very, I mean VERY effective. I am providing campaigns for many customers around the World, as well as for myself and never lost on it, I mean it earns on itself easily, of course it depends how much is worth a client for you and how much profit margin you have, you should keep in mind not all visitors will turn into paying customers.
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    promoting websites is very easy, just create profile in social networking sites like Facebook, twitter , google plus, Instagram, pinterest etc and share post in the Facebook groups or google plus community of same interest...!!
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    Step1: SEO - On-Page
    Step2: SEO Off-Page
    Step3: Facebook fan page creation, Linkedin, and Twitter a/c creation. Do share some post use some hashtags.
    Step4: PPC - Paid ads to make some awareness of your business.
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  • to promote your newly created website, try to create first your social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Post related content that related to your site. the last tip for you, Be ACTIVE.

    Hope this could help.
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    There are several channels to promote your website -

    1. You can start creating business listing pages on all the popular social media websites
    2. You can create interesting blog pages and share with your friends
    3. You can create linkable in-depth content so that you can increase your authority on Google SEO

    I came across a link from an Indian e-commerce website for their Indian Terrain t-shirts page. They had created some really great content that made me want to visit the website and check the clothes even if this was a male fashion brand. Such is the power of good content.

    All the best for your future endeavors! I would definitely share your website with my friends on Facebook.
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    One of the best,easiest and cheapest(almost free) way is social media.Create a page and post all the new stuff/products/posts/events/etc in your website in the page.Join to some groups which has the same interest as your website and share your posts,and also interact with the group.
    Also optimize your site so that google or any other search engine can search your site,and update your site with unique and quality content.
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    Thanks all for the valuable suggestion.
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    Having good SEO is the best source for free continuous traffic. Good sources of paid traffic include google adwords/facebook ads.
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    Do On page SEO and Off page SEO for the website. List the business on different sites and search engines . Start writing valuable content regarding the website. Make posts, write blog , promote the website on social media as it is one the best methods to promote the business.
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    I recommend you three steps of marketing mythology. Everybody want to get ROI service. But most of them don't know the step by step procedure. You can follow these simple steps as below
    1. AdWords Campaign.
    2. Scraping Data
    3. Filter Marked Person & Data
    4. Start Email Marketing & Telemarketing to Them.

    You can apply the same process for Facebook Campaign.\

    The other way is that you can collect some lead generation and then go for Email & Telemarketing.
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