How do i find a good business opportunity?

by SupplementNL 19 replies
I have tried to run my first business last year, unfortunately, it was not a success.
It was a supplement business, there was way too much competition in this industry.
The upside is i learned a lot from it.
I would still like to start a new business, but this time with a good idea.
How did you guys found your business ideas?

Gaps in the markets are so hard to find these days...
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    your 1st business failed!
    no problem,
    if you want to create new business, I will suggest you 1st
    you need market research, which product or Element high demand.
    next, you start your new business,
    Example: if you want, you will start amazon affiliate.
    you can start Online Business,
    as like amazon privet level Product selling,
    this is very essay,
    just research Product, create a website, as like online store, Start Selling. and earn Money,
    Note: you will need
    1. Domain - $10
    2. Hosting - $9
    3. privet level Product Research $ 15- $30
    4. Design $20 - $50
    5.. content

    total investment $100
    time 1 week
    this is very simple and easy work,
    if you want I will help you, start a new business
    thank you
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      Market research is the important factor in any business start.
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      Your suggestion is so encouraging! How to market research please!
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    Bike Sales, Service and Rentals
    Given the health and environmental benefits, it's no wonder that bicycling has become the second most popular outdoor activity in America by frequency of participation. According to peopleforbikes:

    U.S. bike commuting has grown 47 percent nationwide and 73 percent in the largest cities over a 10-year period. North American cities are trying hard to increase the number of people using bikes rather than cars to commute to work.
    Americans spend $81 billion on biking annually, generating 770,000 jobs.
    Anything that’s healthy, popular, good for the environment and heavily promoted by government is a pretty good business bet. In addition to pedal-only powered bikes, E-bikes have become very popular. E-bikes can be pedaled without electric power or use electric power to assist, and sales are expected to hit close to 50 million units by 2018. Regular pedal bikes can be converted to E-bikes with a kit that allows replacement of the front or back wheel hub with one containing a small electric motor and adding a battery and cabling.

    If cycling is your passion and you want to become an entrepreneur, this may be the perfect business opportunity for you.
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    Its a good spirit that you;re still into setting up a new business. I'd say try yur luck with Amazon..but hey, competition is still intense here.

    All you have to do is finding the right product in the right niche where competition is low and demand is high. It does take an effort when you manually research the products in an unsystematic way by using your own creative thinking and experience. This can be a lot more hectic and labor intensive job. You need to do brainstorming and document everything you do, see, hear, touch and experience on a daily basis to identify what and where would you sell and it should also fulfill customer’s need.

    You can also use product research tool for Amazon sellers to find profitable products within minutes. Then source your products, sign up with Amazon, create listings, optimize it with most relevant keywords and start promoting it. That's a quick overview on starting new business online.
    Amazon Product Research & Tracking Software

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    There's no shortage of ideas to start a business. There's hundreds of them, probably even thousands, and many of them are good, solid ideas that a ton of people will absolutely be able to make a success of.

    The trouble though with coming to forums for ideas is that it's all very subjective. People will be biased towards stuff that has worked for them - which is totally understandable - and they'll have rose tinted specs on about why it's so great. And some will inevitably have an agenda too. Like 'hey dropshopping is great!', with an undertone of 'BUY MY COURSE!'

    Finding something that's right for YOU is a different matter altogether.

    What are you personally interested in?
    What will keep your attention and your passion even when you hit the tough points?
    What problems do you see existing in your environment and when you're out and about, that you really want to fix?
    What are your goals? (in terms of cash and lifestyle... Some options lend themselves better to different outcomes than others).

    As this is in the e-commerce section, I'm assuming that you're looking to sell some kind of product.

    I've been self-employed for about seven years now, though earlier this year I decided to branch out and try something a little new. I looked into dropshopping and building an e-commerce store, but then I decided to take things right back to grass roots level, and start a store on eBay selling stuff that I picked up from garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets, etc.

    I absolutely LOVE this business, for so many reasons I hadn't even imagined. It gets me out the house (which my other income streams do not), it's totally different to anything I've done before, and it's also a whole load of fun. I love the thrill of picking up a vintage dress and selling it on for a good profit.

    Obviously there are limitations... My model isn't particularly scalable, for example. But I don't want it to be. I've got other income streams that hit my overarching revenue goals, so this is simply an enjoyable side project with a nice little cash incentive. That's what I mean about goals and the bigger picture.

    It's very possible to start an eBay business with just £50 in your pocket, and learn a load about what you care about, what sells, and what gets you excited. There's no substitute for getting out and touching and feeling your products and learning the ropes that way.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide :-)

    I blog about creating online income streams at

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    I think depend on...
    -Your passion what are you interested in? or love.
    -Market or Need that enough to make a lot of money that serve your convinient life style.
    -Know thy your customer who they are, demographic data such as age, gender, race, maritual status, what they do such as they hobby, movie they like, music they love, sport, star they like, etc (this data help you to get laser target to your customer or prospect in ad like facebook ad etc.
    -Market research such as to make an online questionaire to ask your prospect about their need, problem and more...
    -Find product or service to promote such as in click bank that have high gravity that high potential for people to buy your affiliate product or service.
    -Place your offer in your website when prospect come to visit your website they click to your offer and then buy your affiliate product or service.
    -drive traffic to your website
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    -Wait for money come in.
    hope that help.

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    Keep your eyes open as you go places or even when you are watching TV or a movie. See if you can spot things that cause you to ask "where do you buy that?" Those are the type of things that sell well on the internet - things that people cannot simply buy in any sort of wide variety in a local store. It also does not hurt to go to actual sores and find things where they only have one or two models. Often there are many more varieties of those products but they can only carry so much inventory.
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    Follow your passion.

    What topics are you passionate about? Pick a few, then see how you can link your passion to some pressing problem, and you have the foundation for a successful business.

    Example; I love blogging and traveling. I saw a problem; most travel bloggers make little money, and need to travel home just to work a job, to boost their savings. So I created a blog and brand on how to retire to a life of travel through blogging. Passion + Problem = Prospering Business Opportunity.

    The passion really makes it go through; keeps you patiently practicing, and studying, and creating and connecting, well before any money flows in.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging at Blogging From Paradise
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      Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

      Follow your passion.

      What topics are you passionate about? Pick a few, then see how you can link your passion to some pressing problem, and you have the foundation for a successful business.

      Example; I love blogging and traveling. I saw a problem; most travel bloggers make little money, and need to travel home just to work a job, to boost their savings. So I created a blog and brand on how to retire to a life of travel through blogging. Passion + Problem = Prospering Business Opportunity.

      The passion really makes it go through; keeps you patiently practicing, and studying, and creating and connecting, well before any money flows in.

      I hear people say this all of the time. It's great if you have a passion in a niche with moderately easy competition and highly profitable products. That's almost never the case. If it happens to work out that way, though, what do you do for your next eCommerce site?

      We have set up more than 100 eCommerce sites that were all successful and we weren't even mildly interested in any of the things the vast majority of those sites sold.

      Follow the money! I guarantee you that when you start making money, you'll suddenly become much more interested in the products!
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    good idea. now a trend going on every one want to start a startup business. but most of them are not successful because of funding. my suggestion to you if you going to start your business then do go to a rented office. the best option for you Coworking office space in Bangalore they provide best facilities for startups.
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    try to put ur mind in long term item
    with no expire thing like food and chemical item
    i suggest maybe simple device like smartwatch or earphone
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    Even with bigger competition I think patience and hard work will give results. There are very few niches with low competition nowadays, everything is out there on the market, everyone seeking for some cash you just start, keep up working hard, have patience, never give up and you will succeed.
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    Sell something. I've tried retail arbitrage through Amazon and I've sold everything I sent in within days.
    Once you develop a method of selling something focus on it. This forum is full of opportunities from affiliate marketing to Ebay. You will copy someone else's success.

    Ed Sunderland

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    I always figured that it starts with you. There are endless opportunities, you just have to find what works for you. For me, I liked doing client work, so I focused on that & offered services I liked & was good at. Hope this helps!
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    Find a niche you are interested in. Study and learn all you can about it. Look at others who are successful in that niche. What are they doing? How are they doing it? What are they offering that others sites may not be?

    To be successful, understand your potential competition and then do it better than they are. Provide your potential customers, users, etc. something that others cannot.
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    first of all congratulations that you have the courage to be an entrepreneur. the first and very basic thing about the business is market research. before you start any business you just think about the options that you can do. analyze that in your research on the basis of 7P's i.e. product, price, place, promotion, process, people, and physical evidence. Make strategy according to the same point and start your venture. Keep in mind neither any business can give you profit in the first day. So just give some time to establishment focus on advertising and most importantly the quality or the service you will provide..
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    I think the fact that you found competition in the business opportunity you pursued is a good thing.
    It means there is a market for it.

    One of the most common mistakes is to rely on the opportunity and not on the branding.
    You should give people a reason to choose you instead of your competitor and that should be based on how much you believe in yourself and the value you can add to your ideal customer/client.
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    hi dude,
    sounds bad after getting lost in business, better you may try B2B business with Clone Scripts.

    do business with B2B Ready-made Clone script developed by Php platform since its an open source it can be easily customizable based on your interest.

    i have few suggestion among some of the ready-made clones that highly helpful in doing business across the globe.

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  • I started my first business over 30 years ago, though I have no more to do with it these days, it’s still going and the techniques and training I used then are still relevant today. However, the internet was not what it was then and there are more opportunities around now than there have ever been to have a business on-line.
    To get started have a think of this.
    1, What is it you want to achieve?
    2, Try and automate the processes of the business as much as possible (this will save you a huge amount of time in the long run)
    3, Work on your business not in it! (there is a difference, and this is where I see so many people making mistakes) there working in there businesses just like a J.O.B. (Just over broke) not on it.
    4, Outsource as much as you can, you can get good cheap quality outsourcers theses day.
    5, Have as many different income streams as possible in your niche.
    As an example, I promote the laptop lifestyle, I use 3 companies to do this I get paid 8 times a day here. I get paid 1% per day here I get paid 1.8% per day with this one
    The above 3 web sites I used to promote, my laptop life style, within 4 weeks I have built a team of 19 (from Scratch) and that now pays me just short of $1,000 4 weeks, not to bad when you consider I only spend an hour a day on my business.
    6, Build a team around you.
    7, Use free advertising anywhere you can, i.e. Facebook, free classified ads etc.
    8, Be constant, what I mean by that is I have broken down the time I spend on my business, I.e. promoting, advertising, etc. like a timetable, get this bit right and you can make as much money as you want and can have any on-business on-line.
    9, Don’t be afraid to ask for help (which you have already done in the group)
    10, Be you, and make it your own.
    Hope this helps you and any else who needs help.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jamel Hassell
    A solution is a business in itself.Think of and search for what is lacking in the market and come forth with a solution for the problem.

    So think solution first second and third.You can have the greatest idea in the world but if you haven't identified a need or purpose for that idea you will run into trouble.
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  • Profile picture of the author SupplementNL
    Guys i am thinking about starting a business in selling yoga mats there is competition in it. I want to sell them using a another webshop with millions of customers. I have found a supplier in China which can provide me with mats starting at 20 pieces customised with logo. What do you guys think?
    Worth trying or not?
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    I have a simple franchise program with a franchise fee of just $100 and huge earning potential, and leads.
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    I would look for a solution to bring to the market place first. What expertise do you have and how do you think those expertise would benefit your audience ?
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    You can start affiliate marketing ,
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