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hello everyone!

im in the processes of developing my online store using the drop shipping method. for my online store I planned on offering free shipping over $50, but what im having a hard time wrapping my head around is im selling kitchen products. the product MSRP is let says $100. I get it wholesale price at $50 an the weight is 10lb but when I calculate the ship cost using UPS quote, the shipping cost cost more then the product its self

am I doing something wrong here?how do I do free shipping on heavy items? I see other company who are doing the same concept of offering free shipping but how are they making money with shipping rates so high?

thank you
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    There is absolutely no way that a product that only weighs 10 pounds costs $50 to ship unless it is extremely long and wide (I have no clue what could be super large and only weigh 10 pounds - maybe the world's largest feather?). That is, unless you are shipping it internationally.

    If you are trying to ship internationally, that is a whole other ballgame and you will never be able to offer free shipping on anything bigger than maybe a small book. If not, something is definitely wrong.
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