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Hey hello there fellow warriors .Im currently living in Greece and i started my online research before some days cause i wanna try dropshipping . I saw that aliexpress is nice for USA but its not the best option for Europe cause almost all products need 27-30 days to be delivered. Any chance you know another company worth giving a shot with lets say 3-4 days max 1 week delivery time? Thank you in advance mighty warriors!
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  • Have you considered the Amazon affiliate? I use it for my web
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    • Really low income though :/ and plus why would someone buy from an affiliate and not from amazon? Its pretty much the same dont you think?
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    Why don't you figure out exactly what it is that you want to sell, contact the actual brands that make those products and ask about contact details for their European distributor? Quite often, distributors WILL dropship. That's the only way to get true wholesale pricing on the products that most people care about - not cheap, Chinese junk.

    Otherwise, I'd suggest signing up for Walter Hay's course (he goes by the moniker ImportExport here on Warrior Forum). He'll show you how to stock and ship from Chinese suppliers without losing a boatload of money in inventory. That will cut down on your delivery time.
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