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shopify people i have a question what is the difference between a store with a single niche or a store with a lot of niche and what is the most profitable ($) ?
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    There is no right answer to a niche store or a general store. Both can be very profitable and both can suck. It all depends on your niche or niches and your product or products. If you're totally new to Shopify I would keep it simple and choose one good niche and only focus on that niche. The hardest part of Shopify is driving traffic to your product and store. You can get better at this by focusing on one niche instead of multiple niches in a general store.

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    We recommend sticking to smaller niches. It makes it easier to become an expert and provide better information than the general stores and also makes it a little bit easier to rank well for specific search terms when you are a tight niche store.

    It also means a smaller, much easier to manage store. There are tons of threads here about people wondering how to keep their products, inventory and price levels up to date on stores with thousands of products. That's not nearly as big an issue for a website with 50 products focused on a tight niche.
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    It is also means a smaller,much easier to manage a store.
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  • thank youu soo much it was a good answer for me !! i will focus on one nitch and do my best to generat sells
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