Need to register as AliExpress affiliate to sell its products?

by skc
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Hi, i m new to E-commerce. Not quite sure how it's my question:

If i want to set up a shopify store, do i need to sign up as a affiliate with AliExpress before we sell its products on our shopify store?

Instead of a shopify store, can we sign up as an AliExpress affiliate and embed our affiliate links within our own website, so when website visitors click on the links, they are sent to the salespage?

What's the main difference between having a shopify store vs own website to sell products from AliExpress? Any difference in terms of "payout" from the items sold?

Thank you and Happy New Year!
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    If you want to have your own store, then not, you dont need affiliate since you will do basic dropship.

    Item on Aliexpress is 2$, and you sell same item on your site for 4$.

    Customer pay to you 4$, you order same item on aliexpress for 2$.

    Clear profit.

    So choose what you are aiming for, own store with dropship, or just blog where you offer affiliate.
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      Hi, thank you. I m just trying to monetize my blog, so thinking to add an affiliate link from AliExpress to my existing blog. Thank you for reaching out! Really appreciate it.
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      Ok as you say profit but there are other costs like advertising etc involved also...Do we have to negotiate with the supplier so as to get a profit for the products.
      Actually i dont understand the price fixation we fix the product prices or is it the wholesaler
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    just wonder why someone willing try Aliexpress instead of Amazon?

    Aliexpress has little traffic and bad reputation compared to Amazon

    Fashion designer at
    Seeking the Internet marketing solution

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