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Hi, I want to Dropshipping from Alixpress, but I don't want the business that is sending it or Aliexpress on any of the paperwork or envolope. I would have if possible my business name on it. People wold sus out where I got it from. I am starting an online business. I have a few samples come through the post and it has the manufacturers/wholesalers on the bubble envolope. Can anyone advise me please.
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    I am assuming that you think you are going to have multiple orders from customers over their lifetime with the type of products you carry.

    Most of the time, if you tell the company not to include that information, they don't. Try another test order with those suppliers and put in the comments of the order "Dropshipping to customer. Please DO NOT include an invoice, promotional materials or any information about your company." If they still include it, you know which suppliers not to use.

    None of them on AliExpress are going to include your company's information on the order, however.
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  • Thank You for that information. That is great. I will take that onboard. I didn't think about that. I heard from someone that makes a lot of money selling Aliexpress jewellery that they get for about 0.30p uk money and for a few pence more have their Logo or business name on the item/s or whatever they want on the item/s. To be quite honest i'm not having my items drop shipped, I will be sending the items. Do you have items drop shipped. Dropshipping is something i am thinking of, but it puts me off when i am buying something on eBay and i see on the item from Hong Cong or from China.
    Thanks Andy.
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  • sorry Hong Kong not cong
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  • Dave is dropshipping the way to go. Have you seen Tophatter. I was thinking of having a go on there.
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      Originally Posted by Andrew Penniall View Post

      Dave is dropshipping the way to go. Have you seen Tophatter. I was thinking of having a go on there.
      Tophatter not accepting seller applications anymore from sole proprietors. They ask for LLC or Corporates.

      Any way around?
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    All my suppliers on Ali have been super helpful and they dont send any company information in the orders. If your volume is big enough they sometimes let you add your own docs to the orders.
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    yes, stating clearly what you need done on your aliexpress dropshipping will be done for you from suppliers.
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    I would like to help to creating drop-shipping site
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