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Hi everyone!
So I've spent the past 2 months building a dropshipping store through Shopify, getting all of the legal permits, etc. I am pretty sure I am ready to start contacting suppliers, but I am not quite sure how to approach them. Some people say to call the suppliers, others say that emailing them is sufficient. To be honest, I am finding the prospect of contacting suppliers just as nerve-racking as going to a job interview or asking someone on a date! Haha...
Any input or tips you all might have would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Viva,
    dropshipping business model is just great with the right supplier,product and of course with a good looking dropship website/sales platform.
    i'll say email is ok enough but really depends on your product Niche from my experience as a shopify expert & dropship/eCommerce business developer.
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    Hi Viva

    For your dropshipping store suppliers, you can check out AliExpress, AliBaba and DHGate suppliers. There are many suppliers out there so you must check the seller rating before proceeding and then contact the supplier for your dropshipping needs.

    I myself use AliExpress Suppliers to fulfill my dropshipping orders and use WooDropship SaaS to make things easier. It's like Oberlo but for WooCommerce.
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    If you want a real brand name supplier (not the fake wannabe stuff on AliExpress), the best way is to call them. Emails are easy to blow off. Check out the video we posted on YouTube of our webinar to learn how to do it right -
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    Actually, good thing is to first send email, and then make a call after 30 minutes to give them proper note to have your email on their minds.

    But on global, depending on country, shipping speed etc.. you can use aliexpress, rosegal, us.banggood... etc etc.. many online platforms have custom solution to import whole product with options. Like oberlo, multiscraper, etc etc..
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    Thank you all so much for your replies! I really appreciate your input.
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    IMO you are doing it wrong.

    Drop ship directly from Aliexpress at first.

    There is plenty of money to be made that way. I can't even remember the last time I didn't make at least $1k in profit in one day doing this.

    With this method you can literally test tons of products until you find a good one, without having to spend tons of hours finding a supplier.

    Money loves speed. I would highly recommend you to drop ship from Aliexpress using Facebook ads.
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