One Page Checkout vs Multiple Page Checkout: Which one is best for eCommerce Website?

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I read a lot of articles on this topic. Just want to know the genuine feedback on this topic.
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    1 page is best 4 newbies but if you r more experienced u can use multi-page 4 upsells & downsells 2 multiply your profits.
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    If you're new, then go for one page checkout because things can get a little complex with multiple page. Once you get some experience and traffic to your website, you can switch to multiple page checkout as well.
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    100% one page checkout without a doubt works best for e-commerce. Working for biggest niche company and experience says it is like this.
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    Another vote for 1 page checkout. I'm not going to look them all up and post links to them but you can. Tons of studies have been done that show that the fewer things that people have to click and the less fields they have to fill out, the better the conversion rate.
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    ClickBank is one of the largest ecommerce affiliate networks and they have tested page checkout is what they use today.
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    Guest one page checkout.. With paypal express payment.

    Minimum chance for the abandoned cart.
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    One page checkout is easier for the visitor and reduces the posibitily of cart abndnoment.
    A multiple page checkout has the benefit to capture visitors email and sent a reminder to get the sale.
    I use one page checkout.
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