Advise or Suggestions for setting up a HK based company?

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Im looking to set up a company in Hong Kong.

It is a new company. I have a product(to keep it easy: it are socks) which I will sell worldwide. Mostly trough online channels.

I contacted some companys that have these services but since I am a starting entrepreneur I basically dont know what I am talking about.

That also means I dont know what do I actually need. What I do know is that I need a company and a bank-account.

The companys who set up a company for you in HK however have so many options to choose from. Including services by them yes or no. Where do I want my bank account etc.

I hope someone can advise me or suggest me a company. Who can actually tell me what do I need.

Also what would be the best place for me to open a corporate bank account.

Thank you guys in advance.

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    Why only HK to set up your business? And are you manufacturing your product (socks) by yourself or getting it outsourced? There are many unanswered questions here to give you a sound advice for your business.
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    • I developed the product, but the actual manufacturing is done by a second company which I work together with.

      Why only HK? Since im selling world-wide I had no reason to start a company in The Netherlands where I am from. Tax-wise it is not really interesting. I have researched some other options and decide HK would be a good option. Obviously if you have any suggestion I will look into it. What were you thinking?
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    • Thanks a lot for your message by the way!
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