Advice on webshop and how to increase sales!

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I've recently started a webshop for high-tech consumer electronics. Mainly smartphones, tablets and pc-components. This is the site. The idea is to compete with the local ecommerce players by underpricing them. But even when being the cheapest and getting traffic through google adwords and compare websites people are not buying my products. I only manage to have around 1 order per day on average. Even on the new iPhone X while selling cheaper than all of the competition!!

What are your impressions of the site?

I think the current market is a buyers market. There are enough e-commerce players that sell these products that they are indeed investing alot in extra services such as free 24/7 shipping, free returns, customer service and advice to differentiate among themselves.

As a new player I'm trying to match them on these services, however I think a customer will always choose a trusted store over a new one unless there is a clear advantage not to. I think price is still the most important factor for a customer seeing that many big players offer a lowest price guarantee. That's where I thought that I need to at least initially under price them. I'm not using promotions currently other than the ad's. Is this a mistake?

Another important factor I've focussed on is to radiate trust. I did this by having detailed product descriptions and showing company reviews. Also by adding a picture with the employees at the bottom.

The plan is to use Adwords only as long as is necessary to see what my customers are interested in and in meanwhile to switch over to SEO completely.

Any advice is highly appreciated on how to improve sales!!
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  • Try to enlist your products in the best Product Comparison Site. You platform surely has modules/plugins to do that. If you are selling only in your country, then find the best Product Comparison Site for your country. I got the best sales this way.
    Adwords brought me fewer sales. Make sure also that you decrease the cost of AdWords click per keyword with Exact Match keywords and Broad Match keywords that will include the '+' symbol ie (+keyword1 + keyword2). Make multiple Adwords ads and after some time, stop the ads that cost more per click.
    Improving your SEO keywords for every product you have, will increase your free organic traffic (after some time). Don't expect serious sales increase from organic traffic but every little bit helps.
    General eStore improvement will help but focus money on making targeted promotion (Adwords, Facebook ads).
    Make sure your eStore is responsive and easy to navigate. The more products you have per brand, the better it is.
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    You're selling high-tech gadgets here and not some lesser known items. People do think and research before making the purchase for such items and it is hardly an impulse purchase so only lowering the prices or underpricing your competition won't help.

    Before promoting products, you should be focusing on creating a brand name and build a community around your brand. A sense of brand awareness and loyalty is of essence here. Once you have achieved that by means of Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, blogs and other techniques, you can then focus on product promotion with Google Adwords.
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    Dear Mihai!
    I have the same niche e-commerce as yours. But my webshop is Australian based. Your plan is good that for the starting phase, work on PPC and then switch to the SEO. But with PPC, try to start the SEO too on the light level.

    On the other hand, submit your website into the Belgium based yellow pages and other genuine business directories like it. They are paid but their listings have worth.

    Have you listed your webshop in Google My Business? If not, immediately do it.

    Purchase SSL certificate for your website (i.e. make http to https) because SSL certificate shows that your website is secured in terms of selling/purchasing that builds the confidence of the buyer to purchase from you.
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    I don;t know what language this is and cannot read it, but it does not seem to me like anywhere on this site gives people a reason to buy from you. There are no words on the pages telling people why to buy from you, no trust seals for things like satisfaction guarantees, low price guarantees, warranty information or secure site seals. (Again, if they are there, maybe I just can't see them because of the language barrier).
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    Hey! I think that in this case you really just need some promotion. Instagram is really good platform for that nowadays. Still not many people know How to get followers on Instagram and it's quite simple and doesn't take much time. If you use a promotion bot you just have to find your competitors and move their followers attention to your account. You should try that!
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