Can displaying product video on the eCommerce store help the customers come to a purchase decision?

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Is it worth to display product videos on the product pages?
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    It depends to the product. For instance if you sell clothes, shoes, jewelry, books, candles, and things like that the answer is NO!
    But if you sell gadgets, electronics, etc. then yes, a product video can skyrocket your product. Especially in cases where isn't very clear how the product could be used. For instance lately I found a very useful tool for my dog's pedicure. I have visited the shop many times but I wasn't buying as I wasn't sure I could actually use it. When they added a video showing how it's used I bought 3, one for me and another two for friends.
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      In my opinion, it does not matter what you sell. A great video will always help sell your product - even if it is clothes, shoes, jewelry or even candles (but probably not books). It all comes down to the video and whether or not it inspires people to buy.

      An attractive person wearing clothes or boots or jewelry - especially if they are noticed by another attractive person in the video will certainly help sell the most mundane of things. Likewise, a romantic candle setting that leads to a kiss would certainly help sell candles.

      Videos help set scenes and convey emotions. When people connect emotions to products, they are more likely to buy them.

      And yes, any video that shows how to use a product and what it can do, helps sell the product, as well.
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      Thank you... The module you suggested is really nice.
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