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Hi guys

I have recently changed one of my ebay software products from delivery by post to digital delivery by download with the option to pay extra for physical delivery as well.

I have done this to allow me to deliver much faster and offer a cheaper price as well as reduce workload for myself by automating the process.

Can you guys recommend any service that is designed to work with ebay / paypal to deliver the orders automatically? As I am new to this I would prefer a pay as you go service rather than a monthly subscription as in the beginning I expect orders to be a very low amount and if it's a monthly fee I may pay more in fees than I get in sales.

So far I have looked at keysender.co.uk but not sure if they are the most suitable for me.

Ideally I want something that will host the files and deliver them on a pay as you go basis rather than a fixed monthly fee.

Can you recommend anything?

Thanks a lot for your help
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