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I am new in eCommerce world and want to start drop shipping business.

I have couple of queries:

1) What are the disadvantages and limitations associated with using Shopify / Magento / WooCommerce etc. instead of using own website?

2) What are the disadvantages and limitations associated with using using own website?

3) Are there cheap/open source eCommerce process engines available that can be used/configured if I build my own website?

4) Are there payments, returns etc. cheap/open source eCommerce plugins available that can be used/configured if I build my own website and use with eCommerce process engine stated in point no. 3 above?

5) Will there be any constraints/limitation in setting up the supplier/manufacturer like AliExpress, Banggood, DHGate etc. in case using cheap/open source eCommerce process engines and/or plugins would be used/configured if I build my own website?

6) Is there any advantage/edge in getting traffic if I use Shopify / Magento / WooCommerce etc. instead of own website?

Looking forward and thanking you in anticipation.


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    The problem is you are asking for a full 'course' in a forum thread. Almost every question you ask has been discussed here - so use the forum search to find some of the answers.

    Basically what you are asking is for all the info to be provided to you - before you've started doing anything. You'll get better advice here if you can post what you have DONE and ask specific questions as you need help.
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    1) Using Shopify / Magento / WooCommerce etc. IS building your own website. Selling without a website would be doing something like providing links in emails or social networks.

    2) I can't think of a single disadvantage of having your own website to sell things, other than spending an whole extra $30-50 month or so.

    3) Sure there are cheap/opensource eCommerce websites platforms. You get exactly what you pay for, though.

    4) Yep, tons of them available for WordPress/WooCommerce sites as well as OpenCart and a host of other ones.

    5) For sure there are limitations on what is available for the free/open source platforms. One of the most popular AliExpress Add-ons - Oberlo - is only available for people who use the Shopify platform, for instance. Are there other ones that do the same thing? Yes there are but they are not free and you have just defeated the whole purpose of "free/opensource" when you have to pay for those plugins.

    6) The platform you use has nothing at all do do with the ability to get traffic or even optimize a site properly for SEO (although they all try to tell you they are some sort of miracle SEO platform). Traffic is entirely dependent on your efforts - not the shopping cart.

    Frankly, it sounds like you are trying to figure out how to do things as cheaply as you possibly can. That is not a goal that lends itself to success in eCommerce. Your goal should be to do things as profitably as you can and if you can't afford to invest $50-$100 per month into your business at bare minimum, you are completely wasting your time and are not serious about being a real business. A real brick and mortar business would cost you at least 1,000 times that amount to start-up.
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