New to Shopify and Looking to Use Facebook Ads to Drive Traffic

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Hi Everyone! I'm new to Shopify. I've uploaded a few products from Aliexpress onto my site. It's beginning of my drop-shipping business. How would I test the shopify products I have listed to find out if they will sell or not? I'm not familiar with facebook ads and how to set them up correctly. Thank in advance
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  • I would use adwords before facebook
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    Hi there! What type of products are you selling? Facebook could be ideal if it is for products like cool electronic gadgets, jewelry, fitness related, clothing, make-up/beauty, etc.

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    It depends on the kind of product that you are selling. I use Pinterest. I have achieved a great deal of success using Pinterest to test my market before I fully commit to it. Let me know if you need more guidance.
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      Hey, Can you please explain how you test the market?
      I have a women weight loss blog and I wonder whether Pinterest could be a good source of traffic.

      Thank you
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        To test the market, simply post engaging images to your Pinterest account pointing back to your blog or article or landing page. Make sure you have some sort of analytics tracking on your website. View your analytics and determine the number of visits. If you have a free gift or report on your website, track how many people opt-tin to get the free gift.

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        Hi, Ortal Udler

        Pinterest is actually the best place to test your weight loss product and drive traffic to your blog.

        Step 1: Do an extensive weight loss keyword research on Pinterest. Pick the best long tail keyword with the highest amount searches.

        Step 2: Create a Pinterest account with the Keyword. Eg: If the highest searched weight loss keyword on Pinterest is "Keep Your Gut Healthy", create a business Pinterest account with that long tail keyword. Your Pinterest profile will be something like I hope you get the point I'm trying to make.

        Step 3: Create different categories of Weight loss keywords inside your Pinterest account.

        Step 4: Start to pin images from your Website by using the pinning capability inside Pinterest.

        Step 5: Pin aggressively with the help of software if needed and link it back to your Website.

        In just a few days, you'll know if the product is worth it or not. You won't spend a dime, and you'll get free traffic.

        Let me know if you need more clarification.
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          Wow, that was a very detailed advice. thank you.
          I will start today to apply this strategy
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    I'm in this same boat. I've watched a lot of videos and they all seem to make sense but when it comes to doing it there's no script to follow, the examples aren't exactly step by step so I get lost. I'm trying to learn how to set up FB Ads/Campaigns, Choose a product to run as a loss leader or other strategy, Determining markup; Determining expenses.

    Just some encouragement and having conversation about FB Ads would potentially help things click for me.

    Thanks OP for getting this started
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    No need for a loss leader.

    Set up a landing page for a free+shipping offer for a specific product. Interest in that one product is what you're testing.

    I hope you set up your site and chose your products around a central theme, rather than a bunch of random stuff. The "I like this random stuff" approach is the most common and the biggest cause of failure in ecommerce. Pick a central idea and build around it, eg. barbecues. Go with a low ticket item like nylon tipped, heat resistant tongs for the free+shipping offer and get the buyer on to your list. Then offer them increasingly valuable products culminating in the expensive barbecue.

    Test a few of the free+shipping products on their own landing pages to determine which is the best starting point. Then continue split testing against a different product.

    Running traffic to the general home page with its jumble of products, rather than to a landing page with a specific product, is the biggest error I see in ecommerce marketing. Direct to homepage makes testing impossible.
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