What challenges do you face when doing marketing for your shopify store?

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Hey folks! Currently trying to reach out to store owners who've been around for a bit to try and understand what marketing challenges you face. Would be great to hear from you about what specific challenges do you face!
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    Threads like this always concern me. People for some reason feel like marketing a Shopify store is different than marketing a store built on any other platform. Marketing is marketing regardless of the platform you build a website on.

    The challenges are always the same - time and will.
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    my absolute biggest challenge was that i was getting to many carts but no sales and for a new store owner this is killer,
    i create my own app to solve the 2 biggest issues

    issue 1 : lots of carts way less sales
    issue 2: lots of initiate checkouts but not sales

    so i solves those 2 problems and now i convert anywhere between 6-10% on cold traffic which for a dropshiping store is insane.

    now there are 2 more problems that most of the dropshipping store owners face.
    issue 1: lack of cashflow
    issue 2: find quality vendors to source your items

    below are some issues that some of my steudents face, now some of those like the issue 2 i have notice people from europe have it most often

    issue 1: refund process and customer satisfaction
    issue 2: get a good merchant
    issue 3: run good advertisement
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    Thanks you all for these kind information. This will help a lot.
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    Limited access to the back-end.
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