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Hi All

I've been running aMember since 2011. I am pretty much married to it and running a number of customizations from the aMember team.

More recently, I added Infusionsoft, for my sales funnels. Obviously I didn't migrate to their eCommerce system.

I'm finding the reports lacking - and I am presuming some of this is because I am not recording conversions to sales in Infusionsoft.

What I do have is an individual "Thank You" page for each of my initial purchases. Not perfect but certainly a point at which I could put a scrip to tell Infusionsoft there's been any sales.

Ideally the reports I'd get would show me.

1 - Tag applied to sale - so I could search any tag and see if that tag resulted in a sale
2 - Funnel steps that converted to the purchase page (even if no sale made)
3 - Funnel steps that converted to sales

I don't know Infusionsoft well but looking around the menu's - I don't see that many useful sales conversion reports.

Has anyone else done this - got aMember to notify Infusionsoft of sales AND got meaningful reports from Infusionsoft that helps them track which sales/marketing assets are actually converting to sales.

I don't mind doing this in batch either - I'd be happy to export data from aMember and import to Infusionsoft - in fact, I'll probably need to do this anyway as none of my existing sales data is in Infusionsoft right now.

Any pointers would be appreciated. I'm technically oriented - but the amount of disparate systems we have to deal with on a day to day basis has shot through the roof!

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