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I'm just starting to gather information about Shopify. Till now I used only eBay to dropship items directly from Amazon and I'm wondering if I could use the same strategy but instead of having an eBay store to do it in Shopify? So could I dropship item directly from Amazon to Shopify? What are the obstacles if any?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Well, the main obstacle is, of course, that it is against Amazon's TOS, just like what you are doing now is against their TOS. It is also definitely against every payment processor's TOS.

    Other than that, there would be no difference.

    Incidentally, what you are describing is not called "dropshipping". Dropshipping is when you ship from a wholesale supplier to a retail customer.

    What you are doing is called "arbitrage" - shipping from a retail store to a retail customer (one that is too dumb to realize they can buy it cheaper elsewhere).
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