Dropshiping and Product Liability?

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Hi all,

I am new to the Ecommerace/dropshiping world (still in the learning shopify stage) and I am curious about product liability on here. I am currently exploring the Yoga niche and am looking to sell yoga mats and yoga balls. Is it enough to simply leave a disclaimer when selling the product and say something like "we are not responsible for any injuries when using this product?" I know yoga is not something people typically get hurt doing but I am still very nervous about this concept and getting sued.

I appreciate all input!
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    Yes, that is fine. You are normally only held responsible when you are selling a product that is known to be dangerous and has been recalled.

    The manufacturer is the entity responsible for product liability lawsuits. If retailers were held responsible for the things they sold, every single store that ever sold a cigarette would have been held liable in the tobacco lawsuit and settlement in the late 90s.
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      Thank you for your reply!

      What if I am dropshipping from a manufacturer/supplier in China? Wouldn't the liability fall on me since there is practically no way for the consumer to get in touch with the chinese supplier?
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